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Bunge Limited Case

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Essay Preview: Bunge Limited Case

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Background: Bunge Limited is a food conglomerate that was established in Europe in the nineteenth century. According to Slack and Lewis (2008) they have a reputation for being the largest processor of soybeans in the America's and also among the leading exporters of soybean products all over the world. They are also the largest fertilizer producer and supplier in Latin America. In addition it was a known clear leader in wheat based food products and vegetable oil. Over the years, Bunge had sold off many businesses which they believed to be non-core such as Bunge paints which was at that time, the largest paint manufacturer in South America, Molinos Rio de La Plata, Gramoven and Bunge Defiance. Over the years, they acquired other food companies such as Ceval Alimentos and Cereol.

The Project To Be Studied: Due to expansion largely as a result of acquisitions, Bunge operations has increased tremendously and as such, the strategy of the company will be realigned to fit with the new structure. This project aims to examine the strategy adopted by the Bunge management and how successful it was in defining and achieving the goals of the company.


Prepare proposal by 3 August

Finish review by 12 August

Finish Annoted outline by 17 August

Complete final report by 24 August

Limitations: Time allocated to this module require less time than may not be ideal for an in depth study. By reading about the global organisation for a few weeks, there are bound to be aspects and also areas of their practices, organisational culture and a whole lot of other factors that will not be uncovered during this research. Being a production or rather a food company may also limit what I may be able to draw on from previous experience.



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