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Burger Case

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1. The hoosier burger (IS) information system project was selected and identified by the Bob ,owners, and Thelma,to support in inventory control, customer services ,marketing, and food preparation.Even then they are the company executives, and the system has more of a strategic focus on improving day to day procedures.

2. This project has a wide scope ,encompassing the majority of the operations in the restaurant with the exclusion of human resources activities.handling issues of inventory control , marketing ,food preparation, order processing , and customer services will require a number of subsystems and also points of data entry .It also comprises of Management components

(Both MIS management information system and DSS decision support system).

3.Without supplying definite numbers ,the economic feasibility emerges marginal.A particular and singular restaurant can deliver a limited number of hamburgers.The one time rate of producing a system will involve a significant investment.Operational costs should also be nominal in the out years,but break even may take quite a lot of years.The ROI might be enhanced if Bob and Thelma planned opening a second location and thus acquiring a greater value or the one time investment .Operationl feasibility emerges high.The existing paper based system is congested and the applicaton of information technology appears appropriate.The technical feasibility of the system is based upon the talent and expertise of the team assembled.Given that Thelma and Bob have engaged Build a butter system as consultants,we imagine they have the potential to deliver this comparatively low tech solution.Thelma and Bob have let operations at Hoosier Burger expand into a serious state,so each day devoid of a new system will go on to place operations at hazard and risk.The deveoplment team ought to work to protect themselves from that pressure in developing a timetable that provides enough time for careful and systematic testing of every iteration of the project.Then,Schedule feasibility is marginal.Both the political and legal feasibility are high.

4. Statement of work for the Hoosier Burger system:

Hoosier Burgur's statement of work

Project name:hoosier information system(HIS)


Project Manager:Juan Rodriquez

HB Development staff Estimates(man-months):

Project start and end (projected):4-1-2004-7-1-2004


Senior analyst:1.5

Junior analyst:1.0






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