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Burger King Case

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Essay Preview: Burger King Case

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McDonalds and Burger King are very famous fast-food company, and both of them have more than 50 years' history. These two companies focus on the fast food which is convenient and quick but not healthy. With the increasing need of their products, the two companies produce more new products. However, consumers begin to doubt the health of the fast food in recent years (Mark, AP. et al. 2005). Unfortunately, people still prefer to these unhealthy food though they realize the health issues. These two are very similar in the types of food offered on the similar menus, but at the same time, they have a couple of major differences which make them have different development level. This essay will focus on the differences between the two companies.

Firstly, the biggest difference between these two companies is the ways in which the burgers are prepared (StudyMode, 2013). With respect to the company Burger King, it is well-known for their flame-broiled burgers which are fire grilled to perfection to give them that outdoor grilled taste. Their best-selling burger is the Whopper. It is composed of a quarter pound beef patty, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and sliced onion on a sesame seed bun. On the other hand, McDonalds has a different way that they fry their burgers on a flat grill which gives them an indoor cooked taste. Their best-selling burger is the Big Mac. The difference of burger's preparation in the two companies makes these two have obvious features.

Secondly, there is another obvious difference reflected in the service of the two companies. The food will be always hot is the slogan belonging to the service purpose in McDonalds. When consumers go to the McDonalds restaurant, they always can enjoy high quality service. The company focuses more on the quality of the service than the speed with which the dishes are served. The employees have to follow the requirement that an employee just takes only one order at a time, and the dish is prepared. Moreover, the employees can serve the next customer until the first customer's service is finished totally. However, Burger King has a different way of service. It is known to provide the customer with many choices and also to provide quicker service. Compared to McDonalds' quality service, Burger King is likely to emphasize speed more. As a result, Burger King's is faster. In addition, there is



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