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Mackenzie King Case

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I believe that Mackenzie King is being sincere in his opposition to conscription because of the choices he made and held onto. Mackenzie king believes that Robert Borden; the prime minister at that time introduced conscription with no warning. Conscription also didn't give much freedom to French and English citizens of Canada and Mackenzie King felt that was wrong. When King introduced the Naval Policy he passed it through the conservative party giving everyone a heads up. He also allowed the men and women the freedom to enlist or not, not putting any pressure on them which he felt was the best way to recruit people to the navy. However Robert Borden had a much different approach which Mackenzie King did not agree with. Borden was somewhat forcing Canadians to enlist in the army which the English citizens didn't mind as much as the French citizens. The French disliked the British and when they were forced to fight with them, is when they began to protest against the government. Although the English-speaking Canadians didn't protest as much there were still a few who didn't agree or support conscription. Borden didn't give the Canadians any say or freedom towards conscription which Mackenzie felt was unfair and disrespectful. Mackenzie King had to resolve with Nationalists of Quebec that he wasn't introducing conscription but a time of peace. He stayed firm with his word and only wanted Canada to stay a free country which is why he was against conscription. Fighting for Europe was a choice for Canadians which he felt was the best thing because it's their choice and they will be more dedicated to their choices. Overall I agree with the sincerity of King in his opposition and his reasons for opposing conscription because of the freedom and respect he gave to Canadians.



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