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Bus 210 - Business Models and Systems

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Essay Preview: Bus 210 - Business Models and Systems

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Week 1 Assignment Checkpoint: Business Models and Systems

BUS /210

June 2, 2012

One of the local businesses that I frequent on a regular basis having four children is Giant Eagle Grocery Store in Uniontown, Ohio. Giant Eagle is a family owned regional grocery store chain based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The main component of Giant Eagle's business model is selling quality name brand groceries at a competitive price. As well as selling quality products Giant Eagle offers fuel and food perks selling gas and food at discounted price for every dollar you spend. Conversely, the money you spend collectively between the grocery store and gas station you get a percentage from that total off of your groceries. Giant eagle also tracks the groceries you buy and offers coupons on the items you regularly purchase. This provides additional savings and gives the consumer a sense of a one-on-one relationship that most grocery stores simply don't offer.

Giant eagle is also a manufacture of their own line of food items. The items they make are regularly purchased items or popular items with shoppers and are classified as generic with the Giant Eagle logo on them. These items are considerably cheaper than the name brands and are comparable in quality. This family owned company leverages its buying power and resources to purchase quality, popular products at a discount to offer competitive pricing.

"Business occupation is the set of specialized skills and abilities that allow the owners of Giant Eagle to provide valuable goods and services. (The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2007)" Giant Eagle accomplishes this by providing choices to its customers in name brand items and generic items as well as offering incentives in the form of perks to further offer saving over and beyond sale items.

"The business organization is a system which coordinates communication between common employees in order to allow the employees to be attempting to achieve similar goals. (The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2007)" Giant Eagle has many workers that are a part of the United Food and Commercial Workers union. They offer their employees good pay and benefits in order to keep a knowledgeable well trained staff. This helps the staff stay in touch with the store and the customers they serve to provide a better shopping experience.


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