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Business Model for Tour Bus

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Essay Preview: Business Model for Tour Bus

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Specific Criteria






70 - 79


Understanding and analysis of the business environment


No Understanding demonstrated

Little or no operating understanding of the e-commerce environment in which the organization operates. No understanding demonstrated Very little understanding of the online business processes.

Largely a description of the purpose and process of the e-commerce environment. No overall analysis or evidence. Very definition orientated with no real analysis or depth.

Clear understanding and some analysis of environment in which the business operates. Good platform discussion and good overall analysis.

As previous section but with improved analysis and clear understanding of the various online options available. You do well in identifying the areas of growth and efficiency and you are clear on the platform decisions made.

As previous section but a holistic view of the various platforms and clear future direction in terms of growth and efficiency for the organisation

As previous section but a concentrated and integrated view of the various online options. Excellent growth strategy and good efficiency discussion.

Business model generation


No Business revenue model discussion. Very little understanding demonstrated.

Very poor analysis. No depth no understanding.

No real discussion on your business model. The discussion that did take place was very descriptive. No real focus and you don’t fully understand the role of business and revenue models within this context.

Some good analysis on your expected improvements. Decent discussion outlining your business, pricing and revenue models.

Really detailed analysis on your expected improvements. Your business model, pricing and revenue models show good quality and depth.

As previous section with detailed understanding of your business and revenue models. While also outlining how your business model will affect your business outcomes.

As previous section with detailed understanding of how your business will grow and how your business model and revenue model will evolve over time.

Infrastructure strategy (30%)

No web development.

Very little development with poor infrastructure.

Very descriptive development outline with little infrastructure understanding demonstrated.

Clear development based on previous decisions. Good attempt at finding a suitable URL. And some basic understanding of website design and structure.

As previous section but good development that is clear and concise. Your infrastructure strategy is well thought out and thorough. With good focus on design and navigation.

As previous with detailed development having taken place. All your decisions make sense and your e-commerce strategy is suitable for the developed output, with design being interlinked with structure, and social media platforms being linked to strategy

As previous but with Excellent development of your organization website. With understanding of Social Media and offline integration.

Payment & Risk (15%)

No discussion and no depth.

Little or no understanding of the subject matter and minimal depth.

Some good discussion and you cover the main points well.

You give a comprehensive overview of payment systems and you discuss the advantages and risks well.

As previous but you give a good overview of various payment systems and you discuss the advantages and risks in developing the business within e-commerce.

As previous section with comprehensive discussion on payment systems, security advantages and risks within e-commerce. Including online ethical issues.

As previous section but excellent holistic view of the future of payment systems and the associated risks.

Report Quality (5%)

Poor Quality report and your site was lacking in quality and content, very little understanding and poor report and site structure. Minimal depth or analysis.

The report’s organisation is lacking. Your site also showed a distinct lack of discussion on the key issues. Your overlook some importance points or do not develop them properly. The reader has difficulty in following the argument.

The overall organisation of your report and site is generally clear although the reader may have some difficulty in making logical links in parts of the report. Some points may lack development.

The overall structure is usually clear and logical but some paragraphing may be problematic. The overall argument generally develops logically but ideas may occasionally not link well. Good use of referencing. Your presentation could do with some structure issues.

The overall structure is clear and logical with good paragraphing in terms of position and structure. The overall argument develops logically. Good use and understanding of APA referencing

The overall structure is clear and logical with excellent paragraphing in terms of position and structure. The overall argument develops logically. Detailed use of APA referencing.

Excellent structure with clear and logical report style.



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