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Bus 227 - Trends Contributing Towards Shortage of Nursing Work Foce

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Essay Preview: Bus 227 - Trends Contributing Towards Shortage of Nursing Work Foce

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Trends Contributing Towards Shortage of Nursing Work Force.

BUS: 227

Date: 06/14/2010

1. There are three main trends contributing towards the shortage of nursing work force. One of these main trends is evolving technology. Evolving technology refers to the immense amount of new technology being introduced in the health and medical fields. Every day the nurses are exposed to various newly researched technologies which make the nursing job tougher and ultimately nursing has turned into one of the least lucrative jobs. The second main reason for the decrease in the nursing work force is the retirement of baby boomers. The retirement of baby boomers is one of the most recent crises which the United States is going through. It has not only affected nursing but also all other work force of the United States of America. The third main trend which affects nursing work force is diverse work force. Over the years with new technology, new field have emerged providing people with opportunity to choose amongst many more work field. For example in last 30 years IT has turned out be one of the major work forces all over the world.

2. Nursing work force can be brought back to normal by various ways. One of the best ways is advocating for nursing. Advertising is very helpful to get people's attention. Hence that can be used to boost nursing too. Addressing the current shortage requires efforts aimed both at recruitment and retention of nurses. Recruitment refers to the need to continuously attract new entrants into the nursing profession. Strategies include wage increases and international recruitment as well as improving financial aid in the form of scholarships and loans, and targeting underrepresented and nontraditional groups such as minorities and men.



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