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Bus 410 - How the Hr Function Can Promote Work

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Essay Preview: Bus 410 - How the Hr Function Can Promote Work

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BUS-410 Human Resource Management



How the HR function can promote work/life balance

Human resource is a humanitarian function born out of the need for enhancing better performance by a modern organization from a group of employees who are in need of a stress free work place where they can be self-motivated to provide the essential work life balance. In other words, the very essence of work is to live a motivated well deserved existence where factors apart from money including one's family, children, mental and physical health, hobbies and recreation also weigh heavily in one's life. This is to assert the point that life is not solely about work, but a lot more about people's preferences, diversions, hobbies and non monetary activities that fulfill them. The factors relating to the development of human resource has come to the fore front after the Second World War and has accumulated significant importance in the early 1990s. It has been in focus since then and it was during the advent of globalization and growth of transnational organizations that the human resource has become one of the most important functional parts of the whole business. The ever expanding transnational reach and uncertain global market place raise a complex set of global human resource issues for companies, workers, unions, public policy makers and concerned citizen. These challenges are the challenges of modern businesses (Cooke, 2003).

Human resource function and practices in a modern organization advocate the need to keep employees active and happy both in and outside of work in order to get increased benefits in the form of better performance. In order for this to result the initial step should be to motivate employees within the organization by providing them with indisputable support in the present and in the future.

The policies and practices developed and implemented in the early 1990's were primarily based on the assumption that the desire for personal growth was the most important motivational characteristic of the workforce and the belief that the economic outcome would be beneficial (Krant and Korman, 1999).

The foremost factors that are beneficial for promoting a work life balance in an organization could be detailed as such.

Cost Benefits

An organization needs to economize on its costs in the long term perspective for sustainability of its mission statement as well as the need to capitalize on long term leverage on innovation. The above statement shows that both require the need of personnel or rather the employees of the firm are the most important factor for achieving both the mission objectives and the much needed innovative practice for steady implementation to beat competition. Therefore, in order to create the right type of environment for the employees the organization must take those initial steps for motivating employees. In order to motivate employees the organization must have a solid base in human resource management that are in most parts employee friendly and promote the work life existence. Some of the functions that the human resource department of a growing organization contains are listed below:

1) Identifying the employees reasons for unsatisfactory performance as well their dislikes for doing a particular job.

2) Identifying and implementing a flexible work schedule that is equally agreeable to the organization and employees.

3) Allowing more flexibility for employees who are willing to compensate by working for employees with flexible schedules.

4) Trying to understand the cost factor and cost effecting performance of the organization rather than applying rigid rules to all employees. For example if may be more cost effective to have employees work from home rather than commute to an office every day. However it is important to keep in communication with these employees.

5) Keeping employee healthy and motivated in a productive atmosphere at the work place is very important. Many organizations have their own fitness facilities or wellness centers along with Employee Assistance Programs for employees who need assistance.

6) Provide training and coaching for employees to do the job in a more efficient way while still keeping a customer orientated approach.

8) Following the lawful methods of occupational health and safety requirements and keeping the work place hazard free and minimize pollution. Although these are obligatory for an organization per the law, implementing them with sincerity gives a sound message that the organization which they are working for means well.

9) Giving work incentives, bonuses and other benefits are mandatory for the smooth functioning of employees and aid in achievement motivation.

Providing Actual Work Life Balance

An organization by the nature of its activities should resemble, both internally and externally, a place that responsibly views the working atmosphere along with the employee interaction and customer relationship as a work life balance. What an employee wants to achieve, apart from having a job, is to a great extent met by the organization's human resource department.

An employee should not be stuck between two different mind sets of employers where they feel they will be taken care of at one employer but could obtain to opportunity



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