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Bus 565 Organization Theory and Development

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BUS565 Organization Theory and Development

17 July 2011

Due/Study #9

Chapter 9 focuses on size of the organization and how size relates to structure and control

How do you fit the design? : Organization size, Life cycle and Decline

I got 5 points from this questionnaire. The answer indicates that I'm a person who can work on any size of organization, both big and small. I think it's true. I used to work on both types of organization and I feel I can work without any problems. I worked as a landscape designer in a small design company. Because they had just a few employees, so everyone had to know almost everything. I had specific duty to do, but I had to be ready to do other things when more important or more hurry job came. For example, my routine job was design. When I finished my design schematics, I would send it to a draft man to draft it to computer drawing. But when the draft man had too much work to do, I had to draft the drawing by myself. Besides, when other project team got a hurry project, I had to stop my work or give a part of my time to help them did a presentation. Employees in the office knew everyone. Everyone helped each other and always hanged out together after work. I felt like they was a friend and family more than co-worker.

It was very different from another ex-company, which is a top real-estate company in Thailand. It has 600 employees on headquarter office and more than 1,000 for onsite employees. I worked for headquarter office as the same position as my ex-company, which was landscape architect. I didn't know everyone in headquarter office; I knew just only people who worked in the same department as me. I worked under 3 bosses, but I don't think it was a problem. Although sometimes they gave me too much work, normally they talked to each other and tried not to assign too much work to each subordinates. Compare this company to my ex-company; I can feel the obvious differences. Control, system, communication, structure, style are all different, however I can work very well for both companies.

Case for Analysis: Sunflower incorporate

In this case, the new director of pricing and purchasing, Loretta Williams wanted to introduce new rules to each division of Sunflower company to standardize the pricing and the purchasing procedures. She had discussion to Langly, and he suggested she should go to each region and discuss the problem and propose her solutions to the regional manager personally. She chose to send an e-mail to let everyone know about her new change, however the result is some division even didn't know who she is and ignored her decisions.

The sunflower headquarter is considered as a big company; it is standardized, mechanistically run



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