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Business Analysis - Apple

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Business Analysis for Apple

Apple is the leader and a very well organized brand well known by most consumers. Apple offers a range of products such as computers, ipods, mobile devices, networking solutions, and associated software. Apple main goal is to provide services for profit. Viewing the sales and the revenue that Apple reports is confirmation of the popularity of the brand Fortune magazine named Apple one of the most admired companies. The company's annual revenue climbed to 108 billion led by an 81% increase in iPhone sales and that does not include the success of the iPhone 4s and a 334% spike in IPad sales (Fortune Magazine 2012). Apple's reputation speaks for it self and because of this they can demand top prices as it meet the huge demand for its products.


One of Apple's greatest strength is that they success would be hard to follow for many competitors. The range that apple coves in the market offering products from computers to ipods, ipads, mac computers, and related software. Apple is such a robust platform that grants them control of supply and demand. Their Products are designed to make the consumer have to use the operating system that in terms makes it and uneasy switch to go to the competitor? Another Strength is the research and development that apple continues to put emphasis on to stay marketable and provide top quality products. They spend considerable amounts of money to ensure that they continue to further development new products and add to the current ones on the market.


Apple and weakness in the same sentence is hard to conceive but they do

Exist. Although, they are not suffering in the revenue department there profits are not evenly distributed. Apple offers such a large range but the true moneymaker is trimmed to two products, which are the iPad and the iPhone. Although this profit that has been generated by these two products is outstanding, it does signify a risk that a large part of it is rides on the back of just two products. Apple has limited products for consumer to decide on. Apple does not provide a variety product in different price ranges that has a direct effect on some targets markets. College student may not be able to afford the iPhone and apple has nothing on a lesser scale to offer.


Apple like other companies has the same threat the competitor creating similar products with related and intended methodology in most instance the competitor's product is selling at a considerable lower price. They also have several pending lawsuits that mean ongoing legal fees. A decline in the economy has also affected Apple's demand for product by the consumer. Apple also has to be concerned with the way they limited their exposure to other companies' method. Another issue they face is the advances in technology, iPad may be the hot thing to day but that could change quickly. Technology changes on a day-to-day basis sometimes completely were making what was once a hot item now obsolete.


It is very unlikely that us will see a merger any time soon but Apple does continue to acquire other companies and with that new technology is added. International market is a great venture as they look at the up-and-coming markets. Apple genuine has the spent most of there resources making their existing product better. Apple listens to the request of the consumer continue to explore options



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