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Business Entities, Laws and Regulations Paper

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Essay Preview: Business Entities, Laws and Regulations Paper

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Mei-Lin, the hiring manager at Surebuild has put a job wanted ad out and has received several responses from potential candidates. The problem that she has is, which candidate she will hire. All the applicants meet at least one of her standards, but all have underlying issues at hand. The scenario states that the applicant must have a high school diploma. Two applicants do but one is pregnant, and has experience at the job description and the other has no experience. The other two do not have the high school diploma but have experience in the field. These are the issues that Mei-Lin will need to consider in her quest for the best fit.

Mei-Lin cannot tell Michelle who is pregnant that she will not hire her because she is pregnant because that would be discrimination. She could turn down Eric and Felipe because they lack a high school diploma. And Nick very well could be offered a job because he has a diploma yet would need to be trained. However, it is up to the hiring manager to make the requirements. This means she could change them as well. Michelle seems like the best candidate for the job, but would be leaving soon due to caring for the baby. Therefore, she is not the best candidate for the job, because Surebuild would need to find a replacement soon after hiring Michelle. If Mei-Lin truly wants experience which the ad does not state then she could disregard the high school diploma requirement based off of years of experience, and hire Eric or Felipe. However, the communication barrier of Felipe is a consideration for Mei-Lin. In my opinion I would choose Nick in this case, because he is educated and has the ability to learn and can be trained to Surebuilds standards the way they want the job to be done.

There are no discrimation lawsuits her by any candidate because Mei-Lin can change the requirements as she seems fit. It is her decision to find the best candidate for Surebuild sometimes the rules may need to be bent a little to find the best fit for the job without breaking any laws.

Restaurant/ Bar:

For this business venture I would recommend a Limited Partnership between the three in the group. By doing Miriam will be protected by the amount of capital she initially invested into the bar, and Jose and Lou can have the right to make decisions between the two of them with Miriam being a silent investor.

"The Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act (RULPA) permits a corporation to be the sole general partner of a limited partnership. Where this is permissible, it affects the liability of the limited partnership. This is because the limited partners are liable only to the extent of their capital contributions, and the corporation acting as general partner is liable only to the extent of its assets. The creation of a limited partnership is formal and requires public disclosure. The entity must comply with the statutory



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