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Business Environment

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Business Environment, affects the environment each and everyday. Most common affect Economics, Social, Government.

Economics there are so many illegal immigrants in the United States that is taking over jobs for less money, which affects the American people. Most of our jobs are going over seas to keep the economy up, which causes the unemployment rate to increase. Time we start charging more taxes every time Corporate American sends our jobs over seas. This will help our jobs come back decrease unemployment rate, and decreases taxes. We are going to need the government help on getting this done.

Government, needs to increase taxes on coroporate American and extras taxes on jobs over seas. Also think we need to start taxing the immigrants that is working over seas, it is not fair for American people paying taxes, and immigrants from other countries not. We start taxes immigrants over seas that is working American jobs this will also help the economy. Build revenues, and decrease taxes for American people and also unemployment rate will also go down.

It is up to American citizens to voice there opionion to President and congress that is in the white house. We need to vote for President that is going to stop our jobs for going over seas, or tax Corporate American more taxes, for sending jobs over seas. Also we need to stop paying taxes for illegal immigrants on food stamps free insurances for having baby when the parents not American citizen



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