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Business Law Case Study - Malekia's Mobile Hair Salon

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Essay Preview: Business Law Case Study - Malekia's Mobile Hair Salon

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Executive Summary

Malekia's Mobile Hair Salon is a hair salon located in Charleston, SC that allows the entire family to have their hair needs satisfied at any convenient location for the consumers. This salon serves men, women, and children and accepts appointments as well as well as on-call services after hours. We also sell organic hair care products. We would be able to serve the entire family in one quick, convenient visit. While there are many salons, unlike Malekia's Mobile Salon, we will excel due to its attention to detail regarding customer service. Through professional customer attention, this salon will slowly but surely gain market share as it services the entire family while creating long-term relationships. After only a few months, sales will grow steadily for my salon. My profits for the first year would be about $18,300. I expect for my sales, expenses, and profits to increase within the next 3 years.


Current Marketing Situation

- Market Situation

o Size

o Growth

- Product Situation

o Sales

o Prices

o Contribution Margins

o Net Profits

- Competitive Situation

o Size

o Sales trends

o Strengths and weaknesses

- Distribution Situation

o Volume

o Growth Potential

o Cost to distribute products and services

- Macroenvironmental Situation

o Technological Forces

o Demographic Forces

o Economic Forces

o Socio/Cultural Forces

o Political/Legal Forces

Opportunity and Issue Analysis

- Strengths/Weaknesses Analysis

o Internal Factors

- Opportunities/Threats Analysis


- Financial Objectives

- Marketing Objectives

Marketing Strategy

- Target Market

- Positioning

- Pricing

- Distribution Outlets

- Service

Action Programs

- Sales Promotion

Project Profit and Loss Statement

- Forecasted Sales Volume

- Cost of Production

- Physical Distribution

- Marketing

The Mobile Salon offers what other salons do not. Most salons in the U.S. normally have businesses in different areas. One thing that most salons do not offer is the comfort and reliability of the salon coming to their personal home or business. Clients would prefer the luxury and convenience of home services versus going to the business itself. This is a brand new service that has never been offered before. This service would produce a new market in the world of salon business. The Mobile Salon would employ a highly trained and licensed staff which would be capable of working in different home or mobile environments. My business would be located in different strategic places. These locations would be chosen after research and compiled data proving which areas would be the best locations for this business. The data compiled would be based location population, yearly wages in the location, and age in the location. We would like to market to all classes of people in the chosen locations.

Normally the higher waged locations are the populations that live a busier life style which creates them not to have the time to care for themselves, which where the Mobile Salons comes into place (Premier Provider of Marketing Skills). The convenience of us going to the client versus the client coming to us will greatly benefit the client. Appointments would be made according to their available time versus the company's available time. This would be the most convenient and satisfying way to serve our clients.

Mobile Salon will include full scale salon accommodation in the comfort of the clients own home or at their business. The main difference between a specific location and our Mobile Salon is that we go to the client. The only different is the environment where we go to where the consumers live or work. Stationary businesses great their clients as they walk in the door by saying have a seat and make yourself comfortable. With our business they will already be comfortable and it will be in the luxury of their own home or in the mobile van. The convenience of this business would save the client time, money, fuel, and wear and tear on their vehicle along with getting professional hair treatment. Today's busy lifestyle creates people to run out of time; we make the time to go to them at their convenience (Market Analysis). Services would include perms, relaxers, hair wraps, coloring, and braiding in room which is portable.

Marketing Situation

The marketing situation for my mobile salon will represent the target market. I have to consider the size and growth of the market by collecting data in different geographical areas. All of my data will have to show my customer's needs, perceptions, and buying behavior (Kotler, 1994). I will target those that want a professional team of stylist that will be able to work on their schedule in the comfort of their home or at their workplaces. The primary consumers that I intend to target are people that live in rural or urban areas that may not have any transportation to go to an actual salon. There are approximately 5,120 people that live in my rural town currently and I expect this number to grow within the next few years. Most of the consumers in this area are women, but my mobile hair salon will do men, women, and



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