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International Business - Toyota Case Study

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Essay Preview: International Business - Toyota Case Study

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TOYOTA CASE STUDY Business Process Engineering And Viable System Diagnosis: Corporate Web Site Development (ISP Solutions PLC Case Study)

2 Organizational Problem Toyota needed to redesign the company's United Kingdom web site in order to meet new corporate guidelines. The web site had to manage content for internal corporate users, as well as for consumers. Toyota wanted to make the best use of Internet technology to enhance the consumer experience and build a closer relationship with consumers by personalizing the web site functions and keeping the web site fresh and inviting (IS Solutions, 2003). The efficient and effective delivery of content to consumers was the major goal for the web site. They also needed the site to be easy for the Toyota business users to manage. Since the web site already existed, they needed to do a major upgrade without causing the site to be down for very long.and tested, so they had to be able to do system diagnosis without disruption of the service. Relevant Approaches to the Problem IS Solutions approached the problem with an eye to the future, developing and building in the means to make changes after the foundations of the web site were established. They illustrated the possibilities for what the web site could do for consumers. They used consultant services in the areas of business analysis, technical analysis and information architecture. Information architecture is important because it blends business requirements with the design and navigation of the web site that makes it efficient and effective for delivering information to the user (IS Solutions, 2003).



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