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International Business Daniels - Case Study Uganda

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Essay Preview: International Business Daniels - Case Study Uganda

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Case. Charles Martin in Uganda: What to do when a Manager goes Native

  1. Because of their lack of organization, the processes of getting new personnel installed in Uganda is a slow process. Getting phones installed and utilities is difficult too.
    Also the language is a cultural difficulty. Because many people only speak an indigenous language. Less than 5 percent of the population has access to electricity which can be a barrier for a foreign company to do business in Uganda.
  1. Martin is clearly very geocentric in his way of thinking. He is adapting to Ugandan culture and their way of doing business.

Green is more ethnocentric because he believes that HG has to do business the way they use to. Doing business, the way Martin does, HG is not sustaining their practices.

Martins way of doing business does not match with HGs culture. This is a problem because HG´s image will be affected or damaged. Also, the working process does not match HG´s internal culture.  

  1. I can see reason in both cases.

Looking from Greens perspective: I think it is important to have a productive and efficiently work process. Furthermore, it is important to maintain a great Image.

Looking from Martins perspective: I believe it is very important to adapt and adjust to the culture you do business with. An understanding will contribute to greater knowledge, understanding and mutual respect.

  1. It can be a good idea to hire someone who can combine the corporate work ethics and an understanding of the host country’s culture. Then HG´s work culture will be maintained. And by maintaining a cooperation with Martin they will get a great understanding of the culture. Using this approach will make an excellent work process.



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