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Business Opportunities - Changes in Environment Are the Business Opportunities

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Essay Preview: Business Opportunities - Changes in Environment Are the Business Opportunities

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Business Opportunities

Section I

Changes in Environment are the Business Opportunities

'Climate change is a good business opportunity'

Climate change is not all bad; at least it is not so for everyone, everywhere. We have to learn to see climate change as an opportunity, not as a doomsday event. It is an opportunity to right things that are wrong in the world. Also, it generates a host of business opportunities. Carbon trading could create new jobs; climate change can be used to draw attention to the gross inequalities that exist in our world.

Climate change is a topic we hear often nowadays. There is indeed a great deal on it that everyone is concerned about. Truly, climate change is something that affects us all. We do experience it today. The sudden change in weather systems, increasing temperatures, power shortages and droughts are just of the few effects of climate change. These changes bring inconveniences to our daily lifestyle. But to a businessman, these changes may turn out profitable and may prove to be a good start for a business.

Followings are the discussion of the effects of climate change mentioned above and how to use them to our advantage instead of a hassle:

1. Change in weather systems - Changes in weather systems is prevalent today because of global warming. Countries experience more weather aberrations than usual. Storm visits became frequent. Snowfall became heavier. These and more are just few of the many effects of the climate change in the global weather system.

You can invest on these changes by putting up a business through advocating preparation whenever these disasters hit us. In areas which are flood prone, you may sell lifeboats and floating devices to homes. You may also invest on household fixtures that are flood-proof.

2. Increased Global Temperatures - Global temperatures are on the rise these days. The days seemed hotter than usual. Aggravating this situation is the scarcity of rainfall.

Air cooling units are now in-demand. You may want to venture into selling this appliance and market it to be permanent fixture in homes. The simplest business that you may put up, taking advantage of the hot weather is to sell refreshments. People will find ways to beat the heat and with that, we can generate ideas for your business.

3. Power Shortages - Because of the abnormal changes in our climate, our sources of power are now dwindling. We experience frequent power outages because the supply cannot cope up with the increasing demand.

If you are big businessman, you may want to put your money setting up an alternative source of energy, i.e. geothermal, ethanol, wind, etc. But if you want to start up small, you may venture into selling generator units, which are selling like pancakes as more establishments are investing on standby back-up power in case of power outages.

4. Drought - Having no rain is a farmer's nightmare. Crops are wilting because of too much heat from the



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