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Ethical Business and Unethical Business Behaviors

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Essay Preview: Ethical Business and Unethical Business Behaviors

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1.0 Introduction:

In this report, firstly I will introduce the ethical business; let my clients have a deeply understanding in ethical business. And then I will tell my clients which behaviors are belong to the unethical business. Secondly, I will list three companies to compare, the first company is called Shanghai pharmaceuticals holding corporation limited company, the second company is SK-II which is a cosmetics brand belongs to the P&G Company, and the last one is Xiuzheng Medicine Company. Then I will give my recommendation to my clients and the reasons why I choose this.

2.0 Ethical business and unethical business behaviors

Business ethics is an applied ethics or professional ethics Business and moral principles in the form of review or ethical issues arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of commercial activity, is related to individuals and business organizations as a whole act. The field of applied ethics is a moral, ethical issue in many areas, such as medical, technical, legal and business ethics of trading.

Some examples of unethical business such as selling the products which have banned substance; omitting to provide information on side effects; Built in obsolescence; Wasteful and unnecessary packaging; Deception on size and content; Inaccurate and incomplete testing of products; Treatment of animals in product testing

3.0 Three company in pharmaceutical industry

In the following section, three company's conditions will be listed. The companies are Shanghai pharmaceutical Holding Corporation limited company, SK-II which is belongs to the P&G Company and Xiuzheng Medicine Company.

3.1 Shanghai pharmaceuticals holding corporation limited company

Shanghai pharmaceuticals holding corporation limited company has become one of the large enterprise groups with science, industry and trade. The total assets are 18.079 billion and net assets are 4.303 billion. It is the largest and most complete industrial chain and one of the most robust pharmaceutical marketing networks. Moreover, the company is among the top 100 industrial enterprises of China.

Hualian pharmaceutical factory is a manufacture of shanghai pharmaceuticals holding corporation limited company. In 2008, Shanghai, Beijing, Anhui and any other places have found that some leukemia patients being pushed lower limb pain, weakness, difficulty in walking and some other symptoms, these patients were all used the intrathecal injection of methotrexate and cytarabine by shanghai pharmaceuticals holding corporation limited company's hualian pharmaceutical factory, so the related department have done a survey, and as a result, they found that the site operator put the vincristine sulfate injection liquid mixed in methotrexate, cytarabine hydrochloride and other drugs in the batch, resulting in more batches of drugs are vincristine sulfate pollution, cause significant drug manufacturing accidents, and related personnel had concealed the illegal production of facts.

After that, the Ministry of Health has required medical institutions at all levels in all regions must indentify the intuitions



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