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Business Plan - Center for Breast Health

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Essay Preview: Business Plan - Center for Breast Health

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Project Management Plan

Digital Mammography Unit

Project Name: Digital Mammography Unit

Department: Center for Breast Health

Last Update: September 16, 2007

Author: Lorena Montecino

Project Manager: Lorena Montecino

Project Overview

The Center for Breast Health is in need of adding an additional digital mammography unit to accommodate the backlog of patients waiting for an appointment, facilitate timely service to our current patients and to gain competitive advantage. This project encompasses the procurement and installation of a new Digital Mammography Unit. Initially, extensive research and planning will be conducted to evaluate and select the optimum system. Upon selection of the system, the company of choice will provide a quote for the mammography unit and its installation. The Construction and Design department has to evaluate and provide a quote for the construction necessary to accommodate the new system. Upon completion of the product selection and final quotes, a capital purchase request will be processed and submitted for appropriate approval. Once a budget control number is assigned and the funds are approved by executive management, the project will start the executing process. The project will be monitored from the beginning to the end for quality, time and cost control. It is also important to maintain the project within the estimated time window and within budget. The project manager will also monitor the quality of performance of the construction project, IT infrastructure, capital purchase, budget spending, deliverables, permits and regulations, radiation safety inspection, network connectivity, staff training and certificate of completion.

Project Scope Statement

* Project Justification: The marketing of digital mammography and its increased capabilities in diagnosing more breast cancers have increased the number of women seeking digital mammography services. As one of the first centers to adopt digital mammography, we have been able to bring in more patients, but unable to accommodate the high demand. Prior to the installation of the two existing digital systems, there were three analog systems. Going from three analog systems to two digital systems, and from twenty to fifteen minute appointments have generated two bottle necks. First, as the volume of demand has increased, it has created a forty-five day appointment wait time. Second, the two systems and the fifteen minute appointment have extended the time patients have to wait for their exam; thus, unfavorably affecting our patient satisfaction. The customer satisfaction survey indicates that the wait time is one of the areas that our patients complain about the most.

* Product Description: Upon completion of the project, the department will have a newly renovated exam room with a state of the art digital mammography system, possibly a Selenia Full Field Digital Mammography. The digital mammography system will provide digital images, which will instantly reconstruct and will be network within minutes to the reading station for interpretation. The additional system will also minimize the current wait time for mammography appointments and our current wait time for patients coming to our facility. The additional system will also increase revenue and patient satisfaction.

* Project Deliverables: Quotes, proposed budget, approved budget, equipment, inspection documents, product manuals, personnel training, excellent digital images, increased revenue and increased customer satisfaction.

* Determinants of Project Success: The construction project has to be completed by the time the equipment is delivered and by the time the engineers arrive for system installation. The system must pass the radiation safety inspection for it to be operational; thus, this also determines the project success. For the project to be successful, the staff must receive adequate training to be able to utilize the system to its maximum capacity. If the unit provides high system performance, return of investment, efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, image quality, comfort and user friendliness, it will be a successful project.

Product Justification

A third digital unit is imperative to provide exceptional customer service by minimizing wait times. The high volume of patients waiting for an appointment has increased after the digital mammography marketing campaign took place. Currently, patients have to wait six weeks to schedule an appointment, and the number of received calls has increased 25% since the center adopted digital mammography.



Mography Exams Per Day % The two existing mammography units accommodate 286 weekly slots and screening appointments in 15 minutes and diagnostics in 20 minute slots. Annually, the systems can accommodate 14,768. The scheduling wait time is 6 weeks. By adding the third digital system, we can eliminate the backlog and perform 150 additional exams per week. This will increase the revenue.

Annual procedures

*With two units 16,000

Annual Mammography- Diagnostic 5,000 19.61 31.25%

Annual Mammography- Screening 11,000 43.14 68.75%

Annual Mammography (pro forma based on current utilization) 16,000 62.75 100.00%

Break Even Analysis

Price per exam: $310 and the number of exams per day: 30.

Given these figures, we would break even at 1053 exams, which can be completed by the eight month of installation



Center for Breast Health

Patients per day: Structure:

Input estimated daily scan volume utilizing two units Input



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