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Ecoauto Business Plan

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Essay Preview: Ecoauto Business Plan

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2010 Business Plan

Wednesday, July 14

Presented by, Tracey M. May

I. Table of Contents

I. Table of Contents 2

II. Executive Summary 3

III. General Company Description 4

IV. Products and Services 6

V. Marketing Plan 8

VI. Operational Plan 12

VII. Management and Organization 13

VIII. Personal Credentials 14

IX. Startup Expenses and Capitalization 15

X. Financial Plan 16

XI. Appendices 17

XII Resources..............................................................................................17

II. Executive Summary

EcoAuto will be the consultant for New Car Dealerships in the Shenandoah Valley and Charlottesville area. We are providing a service to these dealers to help them achieve the LEED rating allowing them promote themselves as socially responsible businesses. This will allow that dealer to set themselves apart from the competition. The rate throwing, incentive blasting advertising will become endangered as this new approach takes effect. It is proven that consumers will buy from businesses who practice social responsibility.

Through contracted relationships to dealers EcoAuto will be able to provide ideas and solutions allowing a reduction in operational cost for example, refining the day to day responsibilities for employees to include the proper disposal of lubricants, paper and plastic and empowering them to hold each other accountable for living this concept. Dealers will be sustaining the environment they create through the sales and services of auto's. EcoAuto is driving the dealers to impact the environment.

Tracey May, the owner/member will be providing up front cash from the equity in her home of $25,000.00. Other members involved in the LLC will not have controlling interest. There is an opportunity for an outside member to join through investing just under $12,000.00. Start up and operational cost in the first year will be minimal.

EcoAuto is here to challenge dealers to do things differently. We will enable the dealer and the employees to contribute to the overall good of society. Through the speaking engagements at state and local conventions and seminars, our mission will be disclaimed to the region in which we seek business.

III. General Company Description

EcoAuto LLC will be a provider of ideas and solutions to New Car Dealerships in an effort to create a work environment that will allow the dealer to be recognized as an "Eco-Dealer" with LEED certification. By providing this consultation service, EcoAuto will assist the dealer in not only achieving this certification but will provide annual recertification consisting of assessments throughout the year on a needs basis schedule. Dealers will be able to reach out to a market that is becoming more environmentally conscious. Most importantly, EcoAuto will be providing ongoing educational opportunities to the New Car Dealerships to engage employees, owners, advisors, and customers on green innovations and the benefits they provide.

Mission Statement: EcoAuto values the customer. We envision building long lasting relationships with New Car Dealerships creating a cost-savings opportunity within their operation while they protect the environment. We believe consumers will support a business that practices social responsibility.

Company Goals and Objectives: Our objective is to introduce the concept to the local New Car Dealerships in the Charlottesville (Monticello Region), Winchester (Upper Valley), and Harrisonburg (Lower Valley) Regions. EcoAuto feels like the manufacturers are presenting different measures to help dealers become more environmentally sound, however without the educational piece, the knowing of how this impacts the surrounding area, and the opportunities they are missing due to their focus on the day to day sales and operations, it is our responsibility to be that piece of communication and open the door for a new marketing strategy promoting themselves as an "EcoDealer". The building owner will have an immediate and measureable impact not only on their buildings overall performance but the environment surrounding them as well while saving money in the process.

Philosophy: The customer is the number one focus in our organization, and we hold ourselves accountable for the progress our customers make in becoming environmentally sound.

General Audience: New Car Dealerships, Suppliers of those Dealers, State and Local Organizations directly affiliated with those dealers, and Regional Sales Representatives for the franchises sold.

EcoAuto is a consulting firm, working directly with dealerships and their vendors/suppliers. The dealerships we are pursuing are new to the "Going Green" concept.

Describe your most important company strengths and core competencies. This is a new concept to the Valley. Most new car dealerships receive information on actions they can take to become more environmentally friendly, but never had the opportunity to be walked through the process with liaisons. The inspiration and support for this effort is from the Masters of Business Administration program and the professors who live this and share the knowledge with others. The desire to approach the auto industry would be due to my family's 50+ years of local sales and service to the valley.

Core Competencies

Going out of the way to please.

Customer Service is key to our success.

Every business owner should feel personally responsible for their impact on the environment.

Eco-knowledge is power.

Embrace social awareness.

Meet the expected and unexpected needs of our clients.

Legal form of ownership: LLC is legal form of ownership. I have invited three professionals to help create a balance of knowledge of the business organics and a person with the influence.

IV. Products and Services

Our team of professionals



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