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Business Proposal Paper

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Business Proposal Paper


April 2, 2012

Business Proposal

The way the economy is today it is best to stay ahead of the game in a world where businesses change sometimes daily. A business plan needs to be put in place that has the ability to change with the economy. The way the economy changes it can make or break a growing or established business. Thomas Money Services Inc. is considered an oligopoly. Since early 1940 when Thomas Money Service Inc. was established the company has been providing consumers with small loans. Thomas Money Service Inc. (TMI) accelerated the business to include business acquisition financing, loans, and commercial real estate loans. Missing thesis statement reflecting assignment requirements.

In 1946, Thomas Money Service Inc. took the leap and financed the construction, and forestry equipment. Proving to be very profitable resulted in the establishment of Future Growth Inc. (FGI). With the high-demand for equipment FGI experienced allowed for the purchase of purchase its own equipment manufacturing company. This allowed Future Growth Inc (FGI) to sell, build, and finance its own equipment. For 67 years Future Growth Inc. business venture went well for 67 years later. With the failing economy Future Growth Inc. (FGI) is faced with making hard decisions in various states.

Thomas Money Services Inc. is a financial loan company that helps the community with securing small business loans and mortgages. However, in order for the company to survive the need to have more revenue for the company is crucial and a business plan is needed. Adding new acceptable company assets will help the company flourish. Thomas Money Services Inc has been helping the community by providing mortgages and small business loans. In the time of other businesses financial needs Thomas Money Services, Inc. are assisting with products and services. There are many financial institutional companies that conduct and function in business the same as Thomas Money Services Inc.

The ability to provide the financial backing is from Thomas Money Services Inc. (TMS) elasticity that allows others to strive to grow and be successful. Mis-use of terminology. Equipment repossessed over a period is used for additional goods and services, but needs to not appear as a vendor service. The recent economic struggle dropped the profit 30% that shook the company to layoff one-third of the company's employees. The sale of home has declined along with the construction industry. The only area that hangs tough is the demand for nursing homes and hospitals.

Increasing Revenue

This proposal's purpose is to provide TMS and FGI with some recommendations to help increase the revenue while obtaining ideal production levels to maximize profits, and reducing the costs with the changes in the economy, and industry's demand with the declining business over the last year. Increasing revenue is always an effort and continues goal for organization regardless of what shape the economy is currently in. When the economy is in a declining stage the thinking and strategic planning will help most business increase revenue.

With the economic downsize, more than 500 pieces of equipment has been repossessed by FGI in the last year. With the changes FGI has bundled the equipment for sale at the low price of $1732 per piece. However, looking at the demand data only 182 pieces can be



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