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Business Proposals

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In this paper, there will be a compare and contrast between formal research and business proposals. For the second part of this paper there will be a literature review of the hypothesis that I have chosen which is "Is collaborative technology in virtual business teams a facilitator of corporate globalization?"

The final objective of the formal research and business proposal has created the differences between both studies. According to Jane (2013) the business proposal has an orientation that is practical and it is also designed to find the solution that is best to the problem or issue to make financial savings or to have greater revenue. The formal research creates a comparable research so that it can discover, demonstrate or to test the hypothesis. Formal research does not have financial implications and its make unique findings in different contexts.

The business proposal figure out the problem for the issue if the decision making and the formal research estimates the problem as the contribution to its scholarly research. Business proposal search for data sources that are available in the process for decision making when it comes to gathering and use of data and formal research creates its own data for the creation of the discovery (Jane, 2013). The business proposal approach is to analyze the different alternatives and formal research is use for conducting experiments. Business proposal do not use the theoretical work but the formal proposal defines the theories that supports the hypothesis variable.

There are several commonalities that are between business proposal and formal research. Formal research and business proposal have the same basic structural components that define them as a proposal document. Formal research and business proposal can or cannot be presented with subheadings or headings. Both of these researches should not be work together. The business proposal will be useless if there is no formal research presents (Hamilton, 1999-2013). Researchers will need to conduct a formal research on the market when writing a business proposal. This is very important because the viability of the organization can be determined. Formal research and business proposal will have to pass a feasibility test. A feasibility test will ensure that the proposed solution of the proposal can be enacted easily, cheaply and accurately.

Formal research uses the theoretical approach for problem solving by using experiments that are controlled to prove the hypothesis. According to Sekaran and Bougie (2009) formal research is an perspective that is academic for problem solving by offering the overview of the situation while providing the theoretical foundation the individuals that are making decisions of the company to use in the process of problem, solving. The business proposal is very systematical, organized for investigating a problem using the issue symptoms and environment for the process of decision making.

The formal research is a more theoretical conclusion while the business proposal will offer a task specific conclusion (Bazerman & Moore, 2009). A formal research will use research methods that will discuss how the data and information will be found while the business proposal will not have methods sections. The reason that the business proposal will not have sections because it is for suggesting a products and the formal research has been conducted.

The approach of formal research is methodological and also data driven and it is seen not applicable and it is also irrelevant in the daily environment of business by professionals while the business proposal will use the real world experience to come to a conclusion that is clear and definitive (Formal Research, 2007-2012).

Both of the research methods have clear merits but each of the capabilities will offer an effective conclusion (Formal Research, 2007-2012). Formal research offers a theoretical hypothesis that is broader which can be manipulated and also interpreted in several ways while the business proposal uses the real time of the organizations to solve the issue or problem that companies are facing.

With globalization of the economy, employees will find that working with virtual teams. This will presents opportunities and challenges for the virtual teams. Globalization focuses on the multinational companies roles with foreign operations. Globalizations have affected management and leadership through the market and customer based rates of international employee, competition and opportunities that have increased (Ganly, 2010). This inevitably brings about interactions and relationships among individuals who are culturally different. Globalization has reinvented how business is operated. In order to optimize the new way of doing business with other organizations, managers will need to evaluate how to utilize the technology and how to capture the global market. Since the internet connection, real time business is available to globally which has increased the customer options



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