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Can Any Obstacle or Disadvantage Be Turned into Something Good?

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Essay Preview: Can Any Obstacle or Disadvantage Be Turned into Something Good?

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There have been opposing views about whether positive aspects do appear in a negative situation. Some people give up easily when they face obstacles, but there are some people who stay optimistic and keep going, flexibly improvise on the situation, and be willing to learn from failures. I strongly believed that the outcome depends on the attitudes and the perspectives whose face the problems and it is completely possible to turn a disadvantage into better condition.

Firstly, staying optimistic will allow you to intelligibly consider a disadvantage by seeking the bright sides of it, and never giving up on finding the solution. My own experience, as an example, was the failure of the critical test to get into college. I could stay and wallow in my misery for a while longer, but I realized there was a chance to take the exam over. Therefore, I rolled up my sleeves and got back to seek online courses to scrupulously prepare for the exam until next year. Thus, it can be concluded that I took my first step away from my failure by staying optimistic and keeping going.

Such next year was a long journey and incidents were inevitable. I confronted a horrible incident there ever was that my grandparent who had always held an expectation for the success in my studying passed away. In that moment, not only did I suffer an extraordinarily unbearable pain, but I also felt myself being a loser again. However, soon thereafter, I took the loss as it meant to become my strong motivation to approach my goal and finally I passed my examination with a high score in that year. It can be clear that the property improvisation helped me adapt to the unpredictable situation, in this case, overcome the sorrow and accomplish my goal.

On top of that, I learned a valuable lesson from the failure and the loss as well. From that day forth, the past experiences transformed me to be a hard-working and responsible person. Furthermore, I acknowledged that when something bad happens, it can prepare us for the future obstacles, so let always be optimistic and never give up on trying.

It is true that obstacles in life are uncomfortable and unsupportable experiences, but if we would learn to look at the bright sides of problems, keep seeking opportunities, manage situations and learn from failures then the difficulties that we face in our life would turn out for the better not only in the present but also in the future.



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