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Things You Need to Know to Become a Good Website Developer

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Essay Preview: Things You Need to Know to Become a Good Website Developer

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If You wish to become a good website designer and developer.. You should be good in front-end and back end..

For Designing Layouts I would suggest to learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

For inserting animations and other attractive items to your website you need to learn flash and to make them work according to you. You need to learn ActionScript 2.0 or 3.0

Now coding part comes here to convert photoshop layout to a working website. You should know HTML and to define its layout pattern you should know CSS.

Now coming to clientside programming... To make web-browsers work according to you you need to know javascript.

And Finally last but not the least You should know PHP and MysQL to make your website Data Driven Websites... I mean Connectivity of database and server-side programming.. The thing which make the website useful is server-side programming. All the sites like social networking sites ( The biggest example is Facebook is made-up of server-side programming languages. There are many more server-side programming languages and dabase engines but I suggested for PHP and MySQl because they are more fast and the biggest reason is that they are open-source that means its free ofcourse.

Some of the world's greatest websites are made using these technologies.

One of them is Facebook another one is Wordpress etc.

You can also go with CMS also known as Content Management Systems. My favorite is JOOMLA and Wordpress.

I mostly work with wordpress to maintain my blogs..

Content Managment Systems gives you a handy tool to websites which needs regular updates

No Buckle-up and start working buddy...



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