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Can Dengue Infection Be Cured in the Near Future?

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Essay Preview: Can Dengue Infection Be Cured in the Near Future?

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Can dengue infection finally be cured in the near future?

        Dengue infection is a serious disease and it affects people all over the world especially in tropical and sub-tropical countries with climate that is ideal for the breeding of mosquitos which transmit the dengue virus to humans. The infection causes dengue fever and some patients can develop serious diseases including the dengue shock syndrome which leads to death especially in children.

        Fortunately, Dr. Liew and her researchers have now reached a point close enough where they believe the dengue virus can be prevented from reproducing. Their experiment showed a new method to extract a critical protein for the survival of the Dengue virus without causing the protein to be damaged. The protein is extracted from bacteria. This protein helps the virus to mature and it is impossible for the virus to survive without it.

        This technique will allow the scientists to deeply study and examine the structure of the protein. Furthermore, it will help them to discover a drug which can inhibit the production of the protein in the dengue virus. Thus, the drug will be used to prevent the production of the virus in humans who are infected.


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Liew, LS, Lee, MY, Wong, YL, Cheng, J, Li, Q, Kang, C (2016) Selection of suitable detergents for obtaining an active dengue protease in its natural form from E. col. Elsevier. 121: 141-148



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