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An Open Letter to My Future Car

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Essay Preview: An Open Letter to My Future Car

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The first time I saw you in the movie transformers, I couldn't believe my eyes. You were everything I had always wanted. You immediately became my favorite car. Sure you were older than me but I just couldn't stay away.

You are the best thing I had ever laid eyes on. You were a 1965 Chevrolet Camaro. I loved the roar of your V8 engine. The way your gears are shifted with the stick shift amused me. I imagined myself in you, going as fast as you could go. When my parents said that you could be my first car, I was so excited. Then I started to learn more and more about you.

You had a stick shift, a V8 engine, 39 miles per gallon, 400 horsepower, and went from 0-60 in who knows how fast. You were the greatest creation I have seen in a long time.

When my neighbor bought one of your older brothers, I was extremely jealous of him. We became good friends and he always took me for rides. He drove fast and at every hill I thought we were going to crash. You were the perfect car for him and hopefully for me. I just recently found out about your oldest brother. The 2011 Camaro, but don't worry, I will still pick you.

Hopefully one day I will have both you and your brother. I like your old time muscle car look, and style. On the other hand, I like your brother's new technology and engine. I have also found out that I can create my own 2011 Camaro with all of the things I like about you, but with all of the technology. I'm sorry if I'm making you feel bad, but I would always rather have you as a first car.

Your future owner,



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