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Can Leaders Justify the Ends?- Jack Welch

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Essay Preview: Can Leaders Justify the Ends?- Jack Welch

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This essay will discuss about a case study 'CAN LEADERS JUSTIFY THE ENDS '- jack Welch. This essay will mainly Debate about five questions.

1>Describe Welch's leadership style using the (Blake & Mouton) managerial grid?

2>Assess Welch's leadership effectiveness as assessed by (a) Stockholder, (b) GE Manager, (c) GE employees, and (d) communities where GE operations were located.

3> would you describe Jack Welch as a successful leader at GE? Explain.

4>How would you rate the ethics of Welch's leadership?

5>would you have wanted to work for jack Welch? Why or why not?

6>Is Jack Welch an appropriate leader/manager for post 2008? Give reasons for your answer.


Answer 1.

Managerial Grid

This question will discuss about leadership used by Jack Welch. Jack Welch was hoping from his employees to keep his goals and achieve them according to his expectation on the particular deadline. He is directive autocratic leader who does not permit for any mistake from his goals. His most important motive was only production and profit earning but he never paid attention to the employees needs and their abilities but the success of an organisation always depends on their employees because his way of doing work were totally different from others. As stated before, Welch has high anxiety for profit but very small for employees. He did not care about any employees feelings and he had puts more pressure on the employees. If any worker failed to achieve any target or who viewed as inefficient for the company would simply lost their job .That was the reason ten percent manager of the company had lost their job. This shows that his cares about profit and too much thinking about achieving task as soon as possible. Welch chartered that only those employees, who are giving good performance and doing hard work on achieving their goals on deadline. He could never tolerate any unsuccessful results in their work from employees. On the other hand if we looked upon his achievement he was one of most successful CEO of the General Electrical co... who headed the company for twenty years. He was one of the most CEO of the company who earn the more profit in his career. Under twenty years tenure heading General Electrical, its stock went up 4000 percent making it the most valuable organization in the world at the time. Now we can see General Electrical Company has become one of the largest companies of the USA .But we can



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