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Candidate a Not B

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Candidate A

Here at Concert B-Flat College Prep we received many candidates for the position of music teacher, but only Candidate A and Candidate B convinced the staff. Now we have to decide between both candidates. I believe that a good music teacher is aware that the most important thing about their class is to build knowledge of musical concepts, strengthen musical skill, and build good character and teamwork in the student body. All of these concepts are mentioned in the article The Objectives and Processes of Education by Charles Leonhard and Robert W. House. Accordingly, Candidate A seems the best fit for the position because she has based her philosophy on the concepts in the article, has demonstrated excellent proficiency in music education, clearly has goals and standard for her class, and clearly understands the expectations at Concert B-Flat College Prep.

A band teacher should be dedicated to promoting the development of musical awareness, wide musical understanding, and over-all musical skill (192), meaning that the candidate should know that they have to teach students how to connect musical skills and concepts to music they will perform. Also, they have to make sure students understand the music they are playing and everything they need to know to actually read music and interpret it correctly. Furthermore, a band teacher must understand that they are held accountable on making sure that the students can actually play their instruments correctly and well. Candidate A demonstrated that she know that these are core focuses that are needed to make a music program effective, and she has proposed to do all of these steps and more to make the best music program possible. Not only does she understand the importance of the students doing well, she also acknowledges that music education includes activities and learning which develop the social aspects of life (195). She herself said that she would like to incorporate useful task that would help students prosper not only with musical knowledge, but also with social skills needed for life. She says that she believes her class is an experience that allows students to interact with other in ways they can never interact in a normal classroom.

She also quoted from the article that "Music aids in the development of sound work habits " (195), and she stated that she believes that in music class students will develop healthy routines that will contribute easier coping to future tasks . She acknowledged that music lends itself admirably to organized instruction and group participation within the school framework (197). Implicating that she believes that music is a ways to strengthen disciplined education that allows students to participate in a different way. Unlike other classes, students have full reign to ask questions and have hand on direction and correction. Everyone in a choir or band depend on each other, so it builds teamwork



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