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Perfect Candidate for Prime Minister

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Essay Preview: Perfect Candidate for Prime Minister

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essential qualities of a

Leader. Where might you find these characteristics? Well in the stallion that stands before you.

If you elect me as prime minister , I will make equality a reality for you. I have many brilliant ideas on how to achieve this goal. For example I plan to help the underprivileged with my new foundation, Boxers Kids. Also I would like to make sure that your opinions are heard. I will do this by holding monthly meetings where citizens can come and share their own ideas and suggestions . I will use your tax money to carry out the ideas said at these meetings and will not throw your money out the window. Instead it will be used wisely .

Boxers kids is a unique foundations that caters to many. It helps kids get back on track as well as getting involved in the community. They will get the opportunity to join sports teams , Art clubs and meet other kids that they can relate to. Boxers kids is just the beginning . I plan to expand this to adults as well. It will help them if they have been in an abusive relationships, financial troubles or just need help to get their lives back on track. My foundations will drastically change their lives for the better.

In the past few years I have noticed that the government has been focusing primarily on their own needs rather then those of the citizens. I understand your frustration as the people , because I have experienced it first hand. Back when I was living on the farm my leader had no interest in his workers . all he cared about was himself . he had over worked me. As a result of this I had fallen and was unable to get up. My fellow workers helped me stumble back to the barn. When my leader realized that I would take more then a week to heal, he considered me useless and sent me to a glue factory. Luckily I was able to escape , but I left with one goal to establish a better government . To treat citizens equally and cater to their individual needs.

These were just a few of many ideas I have when I become prime minister in the up coming election. I am trustworthy and responsible. I acknowledge problems and deal with them no matter what the cause. I will not let important issues slip through the cracks. I deal with them head on and fix them. I have the intelligence to come up with the ideas, I have the courage to try them and I have the perseverance to carry through with them.

So as you can see I am the perfect candidate for prime minister. So go ahead and vote boxer already.

Thank you.



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