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Capital Punishment

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Why do we kill people who kill others to show killing is wrong? Read this sentence again slowly and count how many times the word kill is used. Kill is used three times in this sentence. I believe the death penalty is wrong for three important reasons. The first is because the murderers should suffer, my religion and truth never comes out. The Supreme Court is attempting to show the consequences of the murder's actions; however they are doing in the wrong way. They are reversing their message.

The first reason I believe the death penalty is not the answer because I believe that if the crime is so severe, that the person should suffer. I believe that death is the easy way out. These horrible people never get to think about the people they hurt and the people around them. Being sentenced to life in prison would be better punishment. Prisons' conditions are horrible conditions to live in. The food is disgusting and the employees are not respectful.

The second reason I am against the death penalty is because I am a Catholic. In the bible, Jesus tells us to love our neighbor as our self. If you believe the death penalty is fine, I guess you believe that the death penalty is okay to happen to you. No one in the world has the power to take away one's life. To take them away from their children, wives, husbands, or other family members.

The final reason I am against the death penalty is because of the truth. In our world, technology is expanding every single day. How do we know if tomorrow we can find out that the person who was executed a week ago was not the murderer. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as the truth in that type of situation. We do not know if the murder regretted what he did, had emotion for his action, or even committed to action.

In conclusion, I believe the death penalty is not the answer on any level and should be banned in all countries. Once again the death penalty is wrong because the people should suffer religion and truth. If we allow this sort of action now, we can not even imagine the future of the world. In a few years, killing may be okay in any way.



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