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Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is the legal punishment for the most serious and heinous crimes, typically first degree murder. (Seiter) Most states consider this the death penalty. Capital punishment is a debatable issue often brought up when discussing the key components of the criminal justice system and/or its flaws. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, it would be a difficult argument to win if debating the issue that capital punishment does not have both its pros, and its cons. Although it is not as animalistic as it initially began in England, many would still argue that it is cruel and unusual punishment, and violates the inmate's ultimate right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Others say the above mentioned right (the 14th Amendment) is not violated because due process was executed, and that taking one life to save many is the greater good. I have a moral issue with the idea of taking someone's life that you did not give. No matter what the point of view or the arguments made on behalf of, that fact remains the is legal and a part of our justice system. As you may consider it justice or a great injustice, the criminal justice system itself is not perfect, but it is our justice system.

One irrefutable fact is that serial killers and such are better kept off the street. With this being said, the question is posed as to cost analysis of keeping an inmate incarcerated for life. Even though a person's life cannot be measured in terms of dollars, it is considered a factor when making a decision regarding the death penalty. Why should tax payers pay to keep someone who has to be considered, "unable to rehabilitate" alive, feed and housed? Capital punishment poses as an example to other possible offenders, in addition to dealing with the overcrowding issues that are compounding the economy. As to the argument that the 14th amendment is not being taken into consideration, it's just argument but it is without merit. So long as the due process has not been violated and has been fully exercised, there have not been any breaches or infringements to "their" rights.



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