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Case Analysis - How Is Statistics Applied in Petron

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Essay Preview: Case Analysis - How Is Statistics Applied in Petron

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Aracelli Acosta, having an overall position especially in Admin & Management, works on 24 years in Petron Gasoline Station. Before she's having her position in the company, she was working as a bookkeeper in appliances somewhere in Carmen but this business was bankrupt that she finds a job in Petron in the year, 1987. Her task in the company also involves Statistics in keeping records and transactions of the business.

Petron Gasoline Station, located at Recto, Osmena near at Coca Cola Company, is one of the dealers in Cagayan de Oro City aside from Carmen, Bulua and other places in CDO. Its main company, Petron Corporation is located in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental where they will get and purchased fuel and then, sell it to the customers. The business exists in 1984, 27 years from now. They only have 19 workers including the gas man, mechanical, cashier, secretary (including Maam Acosta) and the manager.

Petron make use of Inferential Statistics to infer data through hypothesis testing. They record the amount of litres in the meter pump and gathered the data compute the average number of litres that a fuel sold every end of the month and they compare it to their target average number of litres in order to gain quota in the amount of 200000-300000 litres/mos. They measured the minimum and maximum range amount of litres in the underground tank using the dipstick. The reason that they include in their studies is that it indicates the efficiency and effectively of selling the number of litres. It measures of replacing fuels if it nearly reaches the minimum and may not replace a more than a maximum of 15000 litres capacity of fuel. They make use of sample size mean through the number of different vehicles to gauge the production of diesel, gasoline and unleaded. They use the method of K Samples Test to compare the mean of litres sold in diesel, gasoline and unleaded fuels to indicate the differences of litres they may use in production. And lastly, they also use tabular presentation to summarize the information they have conducted and it also gives record the accounts receivable of the customers, and their daily sales report. Nowadays, as time goes by and new technologies were introduced, Petron uses computers especially phStat2 in MS EXCEL to manipulate and record the data because it is economical and faster .The purpose of using statistics on their business is to have a reliable information and make a story of their everyday transactions to determine the efficiency and effectively use of fuels and the inventory turnover of the business and they were using all these information for their future use, to reach their target quota and to have gain on business.



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