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Case Study: Shouldice Hospital Limited

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Essay Preview: Case Study: Shouldice Hospital Limited

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1. How does the Shouldice Hospital compete? Identify at least three characteristics of Shouldices's operations that contribute to its competitiveness.

Shouldice hospital is a hernia surgery specialist, owned 19 surgeons (12 fulltime and 7 part-time assistant surgeons), one anaesthetist and 40 nurses. It equipped by 6 examination rooms and 5 operation rooms. The hospital only specialized on external of abdominal hernias. The reasonable rates offered by Shouldice hospital have not competed by other hospital (the competitors rate are not provided in the case - it difficult to compare). The hospital did not spend much budget on marketing, its costumers influenced by word of mouth. Most of patient got information about Shouldice hospital from their friends. The need's fulfilment concept made Shouldice hospital attracted many costumers, they it designed as not at the hospital and created a good working environment for its employee.

There are five characteristics of shouldice operation that contribute to its competitiveness.

1. Shouldince method for only treated the external of abdominal hernias. It makes Shouldince more experienced for this operation. The surgeons have more experience and high skill than other hospitals who offer more type of surgeries. The patients diagnosed by long distance before hospitalized, it is easier for the patient from out of region and abroad. It done by mail and telephone. It is cost less for the patients and as well as hospital.

2. Shouldice hospital recruited high skilled surgeons and nurses. Shouldice surgeons performed the surgery more than typical general hernia surgeons. The typical surgeons performed 20-50 hernia surgery every year; the Souldice surgeons performed more than 600 hernia surgery per year. It made the Shouldice service more qualified than other hospital.

3. The facility in Shouldice hospital encouraged their patients for little exercise during their hospitalized, which is good for patient recovery. For instance, the room equipped without television and telephone, patient has to walk out the room to watch television or make a call. It made patient to socialize with other patients as well. The floor is carpeted to reduce hospital feeling and the possibility of a fall. The patients encourage not being always on the bed, which is reduce coast for the hospital for laundry and cleaning. The food did not serve separately among the patients and hospital staff, patient will enjoy chatting with doctors, nurses and make friends during their stay in the hospital. They met operated patients and they shared their experience and reduce the nervousness for the pre-operated patients.

4. The hospital operated on non profit basis and the clinic on a profit basis. Its administrative structure is reliable; they employee did not boxes on the organizational structure; they could easily switch to other tasks in the emergency bases. The remuneration



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