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Case and Disease Management

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Bejai Higgins

February 4, 2013

Case and Disease Management

Realizing what Well Care offers their clients would be half the battle for them. The client needs to know they will get the very best care when it comes to case and disease management services, which will also help the case manager to evaluate them properly. The case manager's position is to be supportive and develop a plan to best benefit their client which will help improve the outcome of their health. Patients with select diseases or disorders will most likely receive a higher and much more thorough evaluation in order to combat the issues they are having. Well Care hopes you will help with the management of and the placement treatment of patients who are suitable for the Case and Disease Management Programs that are offered. In theory, Case and Disease Managers will make sure your workload kept to a minimum in order that you will be able to give more attention to the client allowing you to zero in and totally focusing with on time tasks.

When a patient is referred to a Case and/or Disease Management Programs, you are taking an active step to make sure you are there to assist your patients with any serious, complicated problems and give them the all that the health care system can provide. At that point and time they will see there is a need to be successful with their treatment. Case and disease management (CDM) could basically be précised as an `cohesive' method to handling healthcare that recognizes the best treatment methods for clients with a particular illness and implements procedures to afford considerate and clinically evidenced-based care that will put a stop to illness difficulties and increase the health and quality of life of a given to a client or client population. However, depending on the facilitator of these programs (insurer, employer, and independent vendor of services); CDM can have many different meanings and will vary in the scope, specificity and intensity of programs provided, as well as the level and extent of its major components.

Case Managers work close together along with other service providers and professionals that are involved with a Client to make sure the best possible care is provided for that person. Case Managers converse efficiently, and work clearly, willingly, and professionally with any other case managers or professionals who work diligently with the Client. It is very important that all parties involved are able to work together in a harmonized and understandable manner in the best interests of the Client.




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