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Casre Analysis: Jetblue Airways

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Essay Preview: Casre Analysis: Jetblue Airways

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JetBlue Airways

- Adding Value -

This report's aim is to analyze the JetBlue Airways Company through the case 9. This analysis will explain how the company creates values for its customers through its strategy and then report strategic recommendations. Further, I will evaluate the customer value satisfaction.


JetBlue Airways is the best-funded start-up airline in US aviation history. It benefits $130 million, flies over 9 States and Puerto Rico.


JetBlue takes thoroughly care of every stakeholder such as customers, employees, and communities.

 First of all, the airplane company is dedicated to act in the right way towards its communities. JetBlue applies friendly-environmental initiatives to its business which aim at reducing Carbone footprint and fuel burn, for example, or using e-tickets. In addition, it has partnered with two main organizations such as Kezner Marine Foundation and Airbus in order to pursue the research and development of a sustainable biofuel for the commercial aircrafts. Through its "jetting to green" program, the organization strives to educate communities, customers, and associates in order to work together to make the world a better place. The company encourages all of its stakeholders to get involved in the today's environmental community issues.

 The airplanes company drives its business socially responsible as it is dedicated to children and their education. JetBlue is involved in a partnership with KaBOOM! , which is a national nonprofit organization that empowers communities to build playgrounds by leading builds. JetBlue also invests in charities across the United States. Indeed, the organization has set ethics policies which involve its employees in volunteer social actions or missions towards its local towns or cities.

JetBlue is strongly dedicated to the community and engages its employees to get involved in cities and communities which JetBlue serves.

 Second, the focal organization ensures a safe work-place to its employees. It behaves ethically towards its associates by providing health care protection such as dental, vision, and life insurance. Plus, JetBlue trains its new hires for specific positions to make sure the new associates feel part of the organization. Those training programs will prepare them to be successful throughout their careers at JetBlue. The company also wants to make their employees' life better by treating them fairly and maximizing their wealth. It includes financial benefits such as profit sharing, discounted travels.

In that way, JetBlue provides benefits and safety to employees what allow them to better perform in the achievement of the organizational goals. They are more committed to the company due to its ethical behavior towards the stakeholders.

 JetBlue has built a strong and personalized relationship with its customers. It figures that every employee, manager must be dedicated to the customer by delivering an outstanding service. Indeed, the organization has established the "JetBlue Airways customer bills of rights" which explain to the customer what they can expect from the company in terms of services and in case the airplanes company faces delays or cancelled flights. JetBlue uses its public pledge to certify on honor its behavior and commitment towards its customer. Through this open policy, which is not always used by the competitors, customers feel safe and treated fairly. This supports the customer service culture of the company and the fact that JetBlue strive to bring humanity back to air travel.

Business culture

The organizational culture influences the way in which employees work and interact with each others to achieve organizational goals. In today's businesses, the company culture has become a powerful value-framework to guide associates through their daily work and decision making. Then, employees and managers through this culture should better perform and so provide an outstanding customer service.

5 core values which drive JetBlue culture

According to the case and JetBlue site, the company upholds 5 core values which are safety, caring, integrity, fun and passion. Those values are the basis of the focal organizational culture. JetBlue's culture was founded on them. As a result, they are used to drive and manage employees throughout their career at JetBlue Airways but also drive the business culture over time through three main components.

The airplanes company has built its culture on its core values.

 JetBlue's culture is based on technology. The company focuses on it to support its safety value by providing high-technology tools to make customer experiences safe. For example, the pilots use laptops to calculate the weight and balance of the aircraft, JetBlue was the first to install cabin security cameras with a live feed to the cockpit. To emphasize its technology-based culture, the focal organization constantly seeks to deliver innovative services such as free satellite TV at every seat, the creation of a JetBlue customer community called TrueBlue community beta, and e-ticket technology. Thanks to its technology culture, the airplanes company transmits safety and fun values to its customers over its journey.

 JetBlue's culture is based on diversity. The airplanes company flies over the United States, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. The company wants diversity in its workforce to capitalize on the skills of all its employees and respond to the customer's culture diversity in each of its destinations.

 The company culture is dedicated to customer. Its service-oriented culture emphasizes the importance of the customer. Indeed, JetBlue is focused on people. The case says the company is dedicated to "bringing humanity back to air travel and making flying more enjoyable". It strives to develop customer loyalty by fun, pleasure, and confidence which guarantee an amazing experience to the customer.

JetBlue has created a strong company culture through its values and its business culture. The company maintains it by explaining to its employees the importance of customer service. Employees then deliver an outstanding customer service by having fun, being dedicated to the customer, and so internalizing the business culture. As a result, JetBlue has leveraged its own identity and reputation.

Organizational structure

JetBlue Airways has a classic



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