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Cause of Effect of Teen Pregnancy

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Essay Preview: Cause of Effect of Teen Pregnancy

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Cause OR Effect of Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is just another part of our societies that we have to face nowadays. Most of them to have a pregnancy is not their purpose. However, they also have to face with many effects in terms of education, finances, and emotional health.

        Firstly, teen pregnancy affects directly education. There are 80% of teen pregnancy most likely choose to leave school or college. Besides that, most of school as well as college, does not allow students to continue to study during the pregnancy that means they have to drop school; they also cannot continue to study until delivery their child. In this case, it will be delaying their studying and leads them to have a poor knowledge as well. Moreover, they will become a useless person because it is so sure that nobody does not want to study during pregnancy especially teen. Although they will continue to study after childbirth, it will be difficult and complicate for them to follow because do you think that they drop school around nine months for pregnancy without never forgetting anything?

        Secondly, teen pregnancy also affects finances. During having pregnancy they need to have enough money to pay for any sundry expense such as even buying a nice food and good milk in order to take care of themselves and baby inside. Besides that, they also have to buy the new clothes because having pregnancy will make bigger stomach than previously. Moreover, the important thing is preparing the budget for any expenses in the hospital when they will have a childbirth. Those expenses are not including paying the bill for electricity, water, and cell phone. Maybe some of them is poor even their family. Since teen pregnancy have not any job to make more money yet, so it is very hard to provide for those expenses. Therefore, it maybe leads them to have the loan from someone as known as debt.

        Lastly, teen pregnancy affects seriously about emotional health. Teenagers, who are knowing that they are having a pregnancy, will be very stressful because they will worry anything that come to their mind such as their friends, other people, and especially their parents. Most of the teen pregnancy are afraid that their parents will be disappointed with themselves. For instance, some parents will expel their child to go away because they cannot admit the truth thing that their child have done. Besides that, divorcing with their boyfriend is also a part of stress because most of the party do not want to have any responsibility. Moreover, teen pregnancy will also have a strongly depression that can make they do the terrible things such as self-abort as well as suicide because they think that they have no choice to do and this is the best way for them.

        To sum up, having a pregnancy of teens will lead to have many effects in terms of education, finances, and emotional health. However, teen pregnancy should admit the truth thing that happening and there also have many good ways to go through.



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