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Effects of Unplanned Teen Pregnancy

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Essay Preview: Effects of Unplanned Teen Pregnancy

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Effects Of Unplanned Teen Pregnancy

There are many effects on unplanned pregnancies which some do not think about or care about when they get pregnant. Most teens think about how they are going to fit in with their friends. During one's pregnancy they do not think about what is going to happen when they get further along in their pregnancy. One of the effects of unplanned teen pregnancy is abuse and neglect of the baby, most teens do not realize how hard it is to take care of a baby. When the baby keeps you up all hours of the night and will not stop crying, one does not know what is always wrong with the baby so they end up shaking the baby which cause brain damage or one will put a pillow over the babies face which will suffocate the baby. Some do not do it because they are trying to hurt the baby but they just don't know how to handle a crying baby all they care about is making the baby stop crying so that they can go back to sleep. Some teens are hard sleepers and might not hear the baby cry so they will sleep through the babies feeding times and not change the babies diapers for hours and then the baby ends up with a horable diaper rash and is very hungry. Some teens do not know how to detect the different cry's of babies have a different cry to let you know when they are hungry, wet, or hurting somewhere although it may be hard to distinguish what is wrong with them when they are crying one should try everything to find out what is wrong with their baby at the time of the cry, may it be changing the diaper, feeding/burping, too something as little as just coddling them. There are teens that get pregnant that just do not have the patience for babies, they do not realize how hard it is to raise a baby. The most important thing one should do when they are pregnant is to ask questions about what they should expect after the baby is born and while they are pregnant.



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