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Celebrity Culture and Heroism

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Celebrity Culture and Heroism

Celebrities have always provided the viewers with an opening for our thoughts. They are our fable carriers; barriers of the godly forces of good, vice, desire, and salvation. At the same time, heroes, as agreed upon by all of us, bear inherent worth which is the very the spirit of the heroic as well as the noble. Resilient gods dish up to raise our dream above the ordinary.

However recognition is not what it used to be like before. Personalities now live up on images promoted, sold, and distributed with such swiftness and craftiness that is almost unimaginable by the heroes of yesteryears; and of course they pass out that quick as well.

As pointed out by Neal Gabler in Toward a New Definition of Celebrity, the celebrity of today survives for and by an information era. In this universal and atomized globe of bits and bytes, through which information becomes available instantly, that too in huge quantities, and as unpreserved as an electronic picture, celebrities facilitate in personalizing this kind of information, by providing a human face to it. Bur, they are reduced in the process. The trouble due to this is the parallel reduction among us. Information is now available to us at unbelievable pace, in countless altering faces and stories, on every entertainment channel, as well as on every news channel 24*7. Such is the rate that now we are having excessive amount of information about celebrities presently, starting from their love affairs, their private talk on cellular phones, or how many snout jobs they've had worked for before, or how many organelle tumors our



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