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Culture Shock

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This study contains a sample of 49 students which are 18 students from Thailand, 12 students from China, 10 Saudi students, 5 students from Vietnam, 2 students from Bangladesh, one from Libya and one from Georgia (see chart 1 in Appendix). The percentage of the Students who have been abroad before this time is 27% whereas 73% of them this is the first time. Therefore, the majority of students who have travel experience they do not feel any of physical and psychological symptoms. In addition, this report finds the relation between students and their feeling during the time which has been described as process of adaptation in four stages which are Euphoria, Depression, Adjustment and Acceptance (Brick, 1991). 49% of students were excited and every thing was interesting when they arrived to London which is the first stage and just 4% of them were in last stage which is they understand the host culture and they can deal with it. However, the percentage of students who were in stage one decreased from 49% to 20%. Therefore, the number of students rose from 4% to 20% in the acceptance stage (see chart 3 in Appendix).

On other hand, students who moved from one culture to another suffer from physical symptoms of culture shock (Brick, 1991). Therefore, although 22% of students has not felt any thing of these symptoms, 78% of them felt some of physical symptoms such as headache, fatigue, problems with sleep, diarrhoea and feelings of discomfort which are clear signs of culture shock (see chart 2 in Appendix).



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