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Cell Phone for Children Ages 12 and Younger

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Essay Preview: Cell Phone for Children Ages 12 and Younger

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Growing up children might ask their parents a series of questions, but there are certain questions parents have to really stop and think about before giving an answer. A child asking for a pair of skates, a bicycle or a particular game system is one thing, but asking for items such a cell phone is another. Some parents may come to the conclusion that their child does not need a cell phone and others may think otherwise. There are three reasons why a parent might consider purchasing a cell phone for their child who is twelve years of age or younger. These reasons includes: it allows the parents to know the location of their child at all times, it can be used for emergency purposes, and it allow children at the age of twelve and younger to socialize with the other kids of the same age.

A cell phone is an information appliance that is widely used throughout the world (Ling, 2007). Many parents allow their child to go different places, with very little supervision. A parent not knowing the location of their child can be devastating for them. One might have a sense of security knowing that their child is safe if a cell was given. A child doesn't have to call their parents but can also send a text message just to let them know they are doing well. A lot of times a child might be hanging out with their friends and the mother decided she wants to check on them. It is difficult trying to make sure they are alright if the child does not have a phone. A parent does not necessarily have to buy their child the most expensive phone, but there are cell phones made especially for children. For example, the Verizon Migo phone, which was designed for children between the ages of five and nine (Weisbaum, 2006). This particular cellular device allows the parents to stay connected with their child throughout the day.

A child at the age of twelve or younger do not necessarily have to look for trouble but some times trouble finds them. A lot of times children do things or get themselves into situations they don't know how to get out of. According to consumer reports (2011), cell phones are used mainly for emergencies. It is quite simple for a twelve year old child to pick up a phone and call someone for help. Imagine a child out with their friends and something goes terribly wrong, which in this case, the cell phone that was purchased by the parent can be utilized. The majority of children at the age of twelve and younger are knowledgeable when it comes to calling for help from a phone.

A cellular device provides instant access to information and allows children to stay connected with the kids within their age group (Ling, 2007). Providing children at the age of twelve or younger with a cell phone not only builds their personality but also the social state. Students socialize with each other at a certain extent while they are at school. Once class is out, it seems as though they have a lot to say or talk about. Some children are very



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