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The Effects of Cell Phones in Our Lives

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Essay Preview: The Effects of Cell Phones in Our Lives

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Most people in the world agree that cellphones facilitate our lives .These days phones are a life source to some people. They can be used for games, talking to relatives, sending out important information, or even running a business. These phones are basically miniature computers. Because of these kinds of cellphones ,will decrease need for computers are more than before . Cellphones are important for communication; however, cellphones have negative effects on people, such as less privacy for adults, unlimited privacy for kids, and dangerous driving.

Although cellphones allow us to communicate with each other around the world, people should know they have a cellphone the will lose privacy. For example, if you have a vacation from your job to relax. The cellphone will give chance to your boss to follow you. A good idea to have two cellphones one for work and one for your family, so that your boss cannot call you if you do not want him to. Cellphones in the last five years have become sophisticated. The companies of cellphones made many program that made cellphones like computers because they want to increase their profits. As result of these program, people have become use their cellphones more than computers, even in area of work. In this situation cellphones increase the chances of losing privacy if someone stolen your phone.

Cellphone gives teenagers more opportunities to deceive their parents . That makes parents don't know about their child. For example, if you give your children smart phone such as Black Berry. This kind of smart phone has program named Black Berry Messenger. This kind of program is giving the children chances to text anyone without talking. Also it give them chance to make unlimited friendship with many people. That maybe will give your children chances to communicate with other people, even they don't know them . As result of that, you will have children in your home another people advice them and effects them. We should be careful about our children.

Driving while talking on your cellphone increases your chances of having an accident; driving while texting almost guarantees an accident . There are good ads that explain the dangerous of cellphone use. It is good to think about it before you buy your cellphone, so that people careful with cellphone. However, they ignore the warring when they use it. For example, I know one family decided to travel to Dubai. The driver was texting on his cellphone suddenly he saw a truck and he tried to control the car but he could not. Then his cars crashed into the truck. As a result of this accident, all the family in the car died. The family had nine people. This is one result of when you focus on your cellphone while driving.

In conclusion, cellphones have negative effects on our society, such as less privacy for adults, unlimited privacy for kids, and dangerous driving; however, if we used tproperly they may be a very wonderful thing.



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