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Challenges Facing Disabled and Migrants

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Essay Preview: Challenges Facing Disabled and Migrants

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The disabled community and migrant groups continue to face continued stigma in the modern world; even in countries that pride themselves to be sensitive to the plight of these two groups. These two groups face myriads of unique challenges highlighted below.


Little or no representation in workplaces, training institutions, community. Governments need to promote formation of bodies that advocate for the rights of the disabled. Stigma and Culture Shock : Programmes should be put in place to facilitate seamless integration into the new cultures

They face a great challenge in accessing gainful employment as there is limited scope and variety of jobs in offer. Those that are available are coupled with low pay, low prospects for promotion and inflexible working hours. Policies and framework to ensure equal rights in the workplace should be put in place. Language Barriers which hamper communication and pose challenges in gaining employment.

Financial constraints to enable them access special facilities. I propose that governments give grants and impose special subsidies on special facilities and services. Though many have access to ESL (English as a second language) support but it is frequently the case that lack of funds can lead to lower educational outcomes, lack of basic literacy skills, inability to gain knowledge and attend training programs to pursue further education.

Lack of information sites that may assist them access employment and special services. I suggest that special information sites be created and public campaign be held to create awareness on these services on offer. Insufficient knowledge of employment opportunities and requirements, and most importantly, lack of international education, training and previous work experience. Despite some having professional qualifications, professional opportunities are very small.

Lack of empathy in the general public. People with disabilities are treated as a burden. The media, government, lobby groups, religious community should sensitise the general public on the need to show compassion towards the disabled. The public should also shun treating the disabled without compassion

I am fortunate to have gained experience in a service oriented organisation where my daily role involved interacting with customers, attending to client queries both on phone and face to face. This role required me to demonstrate a client/customer focussed approach to service delivery. I am adept to working in a busy environment, having previously worked in an administrative role in a bank. In this role I was required to exhibit a high level of organisational and communication skills as part of my core duties included producing and documenting program plans and completing documentation in relation to organisational policies and procedures, scheduling meetings and fanning out communication briefs to the members



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