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Life Lessons - Fcl Face Challenges Laughing

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Essay Preview: Life Lessons - Fcl Face Challenges Laughing

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'FCL', an acronym whose meaning I'll remember forever, and it's funny because this new found understanding was brought about by a complete stranger who noticed me only as she entered and said hello. The importance of this encounter however, is not its length but rather its influence. This influence is what taught me the important life lesson- FCL.

FCL, I learnt this during voluntary services in the physiotherapy department at the Mandeville Hospital. My teacher came in and sat without a bother but during her therapy she constantly laughed and tried to outwit her therapist so as to lessen her work, and I thought "Man, this lady would cheat death!" As I continued to watch her however, I realized that though she jested, she still did her best to succeed and did not complain. It seems that she was simply trying to bring joy to her therapy and the people around her instead of grumbling about the pain she evidently bore. This woman had already learnt this life lesson and it seemed to have eased her stress. I thought about how I could apply this attitude to my life and it was then that I came up with FCL- Face Challenges Laughing.

Life is filled with challenges so I believe that living by this principle will make my journey much easier. If carried with me to University I will be able to endure the many hours of study and difficult social situations with minimal stress. I now consider laughing the ultimate cure, so as I face my challenges laughing, there will be nothing I cannot overcome. Also, as the woman was about to finish her treatment, the therapist asked "how high will you lift your hands in the next therapy?" and she replied with a chuckle "Way up to the ceiling". So, just like that old woman, when my problems intensify, I'll laugh and say "I can rise as far up as to the ceiling and if I can reach the ceiling, why not aim for the skies?"



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