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Change Managemet - Operational Personnel Military (opm)

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Essay Preview: Change Managemet - Operational Personnel Military (opm)

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In the mist of all the communication problems, there was a massive client that the company acknowledges as OPM or Operational Personnel Military. Openly complained about the services that Hewitt was providing for the government personnel, as well as gave Hewitt Associates 90 days to reply to their problems or they will withdraw their five year contract with the Hewitt. Hewitt Associates had to initiate new ideas to their business process and these changes had to be implemented immediately in order to continue conducting business with this billion dollar client. These changes had to be implemented to the entire company from the HR Consulting, HR Outsourcing, as well as Client Support; which also included the Business technology from the Executive Management teams (Bachochin, 2010). The problems with this type of change impacted not only the domestic associates, but also the international business process as well (Rosenthal, 2009).

The pressure of external factors from the press as well as this client forced an Organizational Strategies Change within Hewitt Associates. Being a company that specializes in this type of environment, Hewitt Associates decided to use their Change Management and HR Business Process Organization plans; which aided with the changes that were implemented within their company (Rosenthal, 2009). When the strategic change initiative was implemented, Hewitt Associates gave a town-hall meeting to address any issues the employees may have because of the changes; which included why do they need to change and when will the change happen. Management informed employees that they will be updated with the progress regarding the changes being implemented weekly, as well as the option to accept feedback from employees within Hewitt Associates. As an organization looking for change, one of the first things this company looked at was their vision, mission, and strategy statement; which aligned their values for their clients. Hewitt Associates mission statement embraces the concepts of their client's; which states, "Keep Clients First - Examining each of our business decisions to test how they protect and enhance the relationships we enjoy with our clients"



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