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Cja 473 - Managing Criminal Justice Personnel - Malfunction Junction

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Essay Preview: Cja 473 - Managing Criminal Justice Personnel - Malfunction Junction

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Malfunction Junction

University of phoenix

CJA/473 - Managing Criminal Justice Personnel

Malfunction Junction

1. Yes, I think it will be a big problem if traditional officers and supervision still

continued to work in this organization without change. Because they are not looking

Forward to change within this organization, they rather continued doing the same routine

as unusual. A police department or any organization should always be like a mirror

image to the community which my officers will serve and protect. As the new chief of

police I plan to go to the city meeting with an open mind, and listen to what everybody

has to say. Listening to everyone concerns is important in more ways then I can say right

I want our department to change for the better. I also plan on giving a speech about ways

to make a great improvement of the department. My first step is to setup a strong

community policing group. Then start a town watch so that our community can start to

feel safe, start the broken windows theory and begin to pull our police officers out of the

cars and have them assigned to each surrounding neighborhood within our police district.

I want my fellow officers' to establish a relationship with our residents of the community,

and to encourage early intervention. Also, I want to encourage my officers to develop a

bound with informants, because it is good to stay head of the bad guys in Junction City. I

think planning and stay ahead of crime is a great way to prevent crime before it starts.

Then I want to start working on the department's budget problems and start looking and

researching ways to get the department back up to speed. Then I want to start assigning

different work schedules for my employees so that no one gets over work and I can

reduce the over time.

2. Yes, I will reorganization my police station using the seven elements which are

functional, occupational, spatial, and vertical differentiation, centralization,

formalization, and administrative intensity. Each element will be use in its' own way to

help recreate a police station from start. First step I will use Functional differentiation

meaning I have to broken each of my departments down by units. Getting my police

station organization will help the department out in a good way so that it will not be

crowed and so closed in people need space to work to an organization. Second step is I

will go over each staff job title and start assigning each person to their units so I can

know if I need more employees or will have to lay some people off until the work puts

back up or at least until I figure out the departments budget plan and a way to fix it so

that no one will get laid off from their job. Since our police department is not that big I

there is no need to use the element spatial differentiation because our department is not




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