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Chegg Swot Case Analysis

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Essay Preview: Chegg Swot Case Analysis

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SWOT Analysis for


One obvious strength of Chegg is in its strong reputation. Chegg is recognized as the #1 source of college textbook rentals according to the Student Monitor LifeStyle & Media report taken in the Spring of 2010("rent textbooks"). This recognition gives Chegg a favorable image to consumers when they are shopping for a place to rent their college textbooks. It also provides customers with the perception that they are making the best possible choice.

Chegg has differentiated there online text book rental service through their recent purchase of CourseRank and Cramster. On March 24, 2011 Chegg announced how merging all the companies enables Chegg's customers the ability to peruse course catalogs, see ratings for professors, add classes to their schedules, and get homework help from the same site where they rent their books(Roush).

Cramster is the tutoring site offered within Chegg that provides 24 hour tutoring services as well as step by step solutions for textbook homework problems. Students receive a free two week trial and are able to receive homework help from experts within two hours. CourseRank provides campus course listings for over 600 college campuses including a detailed course planning guide that displays required course book material that can be conveniently rented from Chegg. This recent merger provides Chegg a competitive advantage by offering additional services to its customers that competitors like CollegeBookRenter and CampusBook Renter do not provide.

Chegg also differentiates themselves through their environmental activism. As a part of the company's on-going environmental efforts, Chegg plants a tree every time a student rents through a partnership with American Forests' Global ReLeaf program ("Independent College Bookstore").

Chegg's is making the availability of their books more convenient than ever before. Students can rent books online at as well as and through a free app for their android phone. For added convience Students can now order and receive their Chegg textbook rentals from select participating college book stores. Chegg is the only textbook rental company that is partnered with the Independent College Book Store Administration (ICBA), this enables college students to rent their text books directly through their campus book store.

Chegg offers free return shipping and a 21 day money back guarantee on all of their rentals as well as rental extensions. Customers can chose the length of time that they want to rent the book and can purchase the book if they decide that they want to keep it. They offer live chat support and phone support that is available 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday to assist customers with any questions they may have. Chegg also purchases used textbooks from customers by giving them cash or Chegg credit towards their future book rentals or purchases.


Chegg currently offers their rental services at 600 college campus book stores nationwide, however this is not nearly enough physical locations for the millions of customers who would like the convenience of onsite ordering and pick up.

Chegg's customers are not given the option of renting or purchasing a new or used text book, they only offer used books. Customers are unable to see the condition of the used textbook, and once received they are unable to write or highlight in it because they need to return it in the same condition that they received it in.

Another weakness is that Chegg does not cater to the growing market of e-readers. By not offering books that can be uploaded online or through the apple ipad or Kindle they are missing out on this evolving market.

Chegg does not rent or sell other college equipment necessary for many college students such as graphic calculators and laptop computers. They also do not sell college team gear like sweatshirts, pants, t-shirts ect.

Chegg does not offer a 24hour support regarding their



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