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Child's Bedroom

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Child's bedroom

I could tell by looking at the room that was a child's bedroom. Some days ago I visited my uncle's house. He has a son also, who is six years old. I went my cousin's bedroom. When I entered his bedroom, I was surprised. The environment of the room was very beautiful. It was fully neat and clean. I know that good environment plays an important role on child's health and mind. Sunlight can enter in the room very easily. The room was not slippery. If it was slippery, it may be dangerous. The room was nicely decorated also. There were lot of pictures. Some were educational and some were cartoon related. From the educational picture the child achieves some primary educational knowledge. And from the cartoon related picture the child takes some joy. There were also a lot of toys. So that he can play with them. The room was also decorated with different kinds of lights. The lights were very high so that the child can't touch it. For the child there were another source of entertainment such as computer, video games,TV,DVD etc. The furniture of that room was small but comfortable. I know if the furniture was very big, it may be dangerous for the child. I also noticed a different thing. That was, there were not any kind of element that can be a cause of danger. Because parents were very conscious about poison and other kinds of unsafe goods. So I can say that it was a perfect child's bedroom.



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