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Child Care Database Design

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Essay Preview: Child Care Database Design

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Title: Child Care Database Design

Problem Description:

For a non-profit child care center who manages the Child/Parent information using Excels or registers through paper work finds difficult in managing the updates such as address change, immune records especially when have multiple children from same family. As they have to go through all children and update the parent information separately.

Purpose of Database:

Planning a Database for Child Care makes numerous things basic and simple likewise decreases many-sided quality with less cost and productive. It keeps up a database for family, youngster following and refreshing the kid’s exercises, vaccination records, overseeing class plans, and so on. So it decreases many-sided quality as there is no need of any printed material. Likewise it costs less to have PC as opposed to having vast number of individuals for different works like one for composing on paper and other for putting away records, and so on. It can track the child, parent and family data in extremely effective way and additionally quicker than current process.

What the Database does:

The Database stores child's, guardians and workers records (if necessary). The Child is distinguished by remarkable id (SS#). Likewise permits to produce charging records of kid too. Not just for child, it stores data about the representatives. So it can be utilized to create paychecks, store in and out time and so on.


Admin Staff: To add/modify/delete child and parent information, Child Immunization information

Manager: Enters Employee basic info, Employee Payroll info

Teacher: To enter Child Class info, activity records

Input Data:

Parent name, address, telephone numbers and email address

Child name, birth date, class, photograph, Vaccination dates

Classroom plans, Child Participation

Guests' data

Additional time and late pickups

Employee name, payroll interval, Additional time, Expense rates

Questions System should answer:

Parent data, Child data, Immunization

Child advance reports, Programs and exercises plan reports

Child enlistment and withdrawal reports, Billing reports, Receipts, Late charge and funds receivable reports




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