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Infant Child Care Facility Transportation on Military Installations

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Essay Preview: Infant Child Care Facility Transportation on Military Installations

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Infant Childcare Facility Transportation

The unquestionable data supplied from the DOD (Department of Defense) In 2010, our active duty military personnel had a total of 1,247,874 individuals that were listed as dependents, of which 42.3% ( 527,670)were from the ages of 0-5 years of age, which was the largest percentage out of the four age groups that listed (DOD, 2010). In 2011, the percentage rose to 42.6% (531,128), giving merit to the idea that our soldier's are consistently having children and are in need of assistance (DOD, 2012). As a result of this enormous number, measures are needed to be implemented that will assist these soldier's with the transportation and development of these children. More than 2 million children in the United States live in military housing, and 90,000 infants are born to these families each year (Davis, Blaschke & Stafford, 2012). The continuous growth to military families is the emphasizing factor as to why programs such as the type proposed should be serious viewed and implemented.

Our military depends on our soldier's performance and their dedication. Every job that a soldier has is important for numerous reasons, making the time that they contribute to the completion of their duties essential for our system to run smoothly and effectively. An average soldier with a small child/children starts their day off at 5:30 am, having to report to PT (Physical Training) by 6:15 am until it is ended at 8:00 am, leaving just one hour until they are required to be present at their assigned jobs. The problem comes when a soldier has to have a small child/children dressed, packed, and transported to their assigned child care facility, which does not have a prescribed distance, all within the short time of 60 minutes. Furnishing a soldier with more time to prepare for the days duties makes their performance better, their mind more focused, while subsequently assisting in contributing to our military being more efficient and effective. A soldiers' day is not just a full one, it is a day structured primarily with time specific duties and obligations. The implementation of an infant transportation program, such as this, would be effective in assisting soldiers with completing those tasks, duties, and obligations.

In conclusion, because of the immense number of soldier's who are serving in the military at this day and time, with the events that they have to endure, the separation from their loved ones, the time that they have to miss holding their loved ones, it should be very relevant to the military, the civilian population, and most importantly our country that, for our nation to continue being as strong as it is, that our soldier's primary focus must be on the tasks and missions that they have in front of them, not relegation needed mental space on worrying whether their spouse or significant other has assistance while they are serving



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