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Child Case Study

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Name: J**** M****

Sex: Male

Age: 4 years

Birth date: 8/13/2008

Background Information: J***** attends Loving Arms Daycare in Richmond, Virginia His teacher is Joann Collins. His family is from Raleigh, North Carolina, but moved to Virginia when he was only 3 years old. His family moved away from all other relatives in order to start a new and better life for all three of their children. He is the youngest of four children, He is very tall and mature to an extent when compared to other children his age. His parents keeps him very well dressed and have instilled manners in him very well. When he started to go to Dumbarton they would tend to call his parents mainly because he would not talk to other children and would barely converse with the teacher. He also tends to shut down when things do not go his way. At times he would not speak or even move at all, and if he did move it would be to punch or bite another student or the teacher. Ms. Collins informed

Interview with his mother: J**** mother is very confident that he knows what he is learning in class, and feels as though it is not that the work is too hard. She feels as though he needs more one on one attention. She admits to the fact that while he was growing up she would shelter him from the other kids and always try to justify what he was doing as "being upset", but we she did recognize that there may be a bigger issue here. She states that when he is at home he shuts down even with his siblings. His outbursts are a lot worst when he is around his family, because he usually doesn't shut down. His normal behavior is good until rules are being enforced, and they are not his own rules. When going to Church he acts very pleasantly and does what he is told, but when he is out into a public setting he acts out. He tries to be the boss and tell his parents what to do. She says that she puts him in

Question for this study? Is J**** problem the fact that he has been sheltered most of his life, or is it that he may have autism?

Physical Development: He physically can and will do what he wants to do such as running with other classmates, playing football with his brother and even watching television with his sisters, but there are times when he does not get his way that he just completely shuts down and ignores the world around him

Cognitive Development: He knows his numbers 1-100, and is able to say his alphabet both backwards and forwards. He knows basic and long adding and subtraction and is even trying to grasp the concept of multiplying. He does struggle slightly with multiplication, not understanding at times how to multiply numbers 6-9. He reads fluently with few to no mistakes. He can usually spell whatever he wants with the exception to big words that he feels as though he is ready to spell when he is not. He knows all of the basics to be in the third grade, but it is overshadowed by his behavior. He has a wonderful imagination and uses his hands and other objects to pretend they are airplanes and things like that.

Literacy Development: His reading is outstanding he can mainly sound any word that is out in front of him with minor help from an adult. He is aware of all the sounds the vowels can make and how to figure out which sound they each make. He loves to read and take accelerated



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