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Chilean Copper Mine

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Chilean Copper Mine

Before drafting the communications I must take into considerations that the needs of the families, the trapped miners, and the other employees. The family members of the miner will need sympathy as well as a sense of trust that their relative will be rescued. The employees need reassurance that all measures are going to be taken to ensure that this doesn't happen again and that mining in the future will be as safe as possible. Before the message is delivered it would be important to know some of the thoughts and feelings of the audience so that specific concerns could be addressed. After the delivery allowing the audience to ask questions would be beneficial to ensure that the message was received as intended and if it wasn't, the feedback could be used to clarify the message. When I deliver the message to the families, I would do it face-to-face. The situation in the mine is life and death and the only way to show them my level of concern would be to take the time and meet with them as a group. I would deliver the message to the employees via email. The other employees are certainly concerned about their co-workers but the concern wouldn't be as deep as the family members. Also, I would address what measures that the company was going to take to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

First off, I would like all of you to known that my thoughts and prayers are with your family members and that I am going to exhaust every effort to rescue them and bring them back to you as soon as possible. While they are trapped, I will do everything possible to ease their suffering by providing nourishment and resources for their mental well being. When we establish communication with them we will make every effort to ensure each and every one of you gets to talk with your loved one. Currently we have a plan in place that is going to take approximately three to four months to rescue your loved ones, I know this is a long time and if there was any other way to accomplish the mission sooner we would pursue it but unfortunately this is the quickest and safest way possible. We also have back-up plans in place in case of any unforeseen setbacks. We are also going to provide any mental care counseling to you during this horrific tragedy as well as continuing to support you financially. Again I just want you to know that bringing your loved ones home is our number one priority and we will not rest until our mission is complete. At this time I would like to open the floor to any questions.

We are all saddened and concerned about the well being of our fellow workers but I want to make it clear that every effort is being made to bring them home as quickly and safely as possible. We will have a team in place that is focus on the rescue mission and at this time our best estimate is that it is going to take three to four months to complete. If you are



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